May 22

  Recently due to the epidemic,Some colleagues use Webmail instead of working from home,Therefore, you need to export the LDAP address book to a csv file,Remit to the mail system。Checked it online,Fortunately, this action is not difficult (I remember that the commands used in AD were very complicated before),Just use the built-in csvde command that specializes in processing csv.。
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May 6

   My personal opinion on Windows 10 The default login background image is quite unaccustomed,Maybe it’s a bit tired after watching for a long time,Previously, there was a way to modify the web crawler,But no relevant teaching was found。Search for foreign articles today,Finally found some information。

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Sea 19

  Colleague set up HA for DHCP Server (Failover) Features,Save the backup action,However, it was discovered afterwards that the IP settings of the "reserved area" were not automatically synchronized to another DHCP Server.,You must manually click "Replication Failover Area" to synchronize。

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Dec 9

  I recently encountered two times when I installed a network printer via a local network,Error message:

Windows cannot connect to the printer。Insufficient memory,Can't complete this operation。Please close some programs and try again。

And based on past experience,When Windows is out of memory,It’s not because of insufficient memory。
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Oct 7

  Recently helping an old NB restore Windows 7 Later,Windows Update keeps getting stuck on KB4534310、KB4539601 install these two KBs,No matter which one is installed, the 8024200D error will appear,Crawling test for two days,Finally resolved。

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Aug 10

【AD ADS (AD Lightweight Directory Services)】

◎ Microsoft's pure LDAP service。
◎ Independent program,Can be installed inside/outside the domain,Can install multiple。
◎ Account information of AD DS can be synchronized through adamsync,But unable to sync password,Unless through other tools,Such as Microsoft's FIM、ME,But need to purchase authorization。
◎ If you plan to use a single account to access the LDAP address book,Can consider it。
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Jul 27

   While testing Open VPN today,Try to open "Network Network Connection Sharing",But the following message popped up:

Unable to enable "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)」,Because routing and remote access are enabled on this computer。If you want to enable ICS,Please disable routing and remote access first。

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Jul 7

◎ regedit。
◎ HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSPPClients。
◎ Add a new name “{09F7EDC5-294E-4180-AF6A-FB0E6A0E9513}” "Multi-string value",Value input 1。

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Jul 2

   Previously there was a Server that appeared Time-Service every day 50 Warning message,Follows:

Time service continues 900 Seconds detected greater than 5000 Millisecond time error。The cause of the time error may be synchronization with inaccurate time sources or unstable network conditions。Time service is no longer synchronized and cannot provide time to other clients or update system clock。When the correct time stamp is received from the time service provider,Time service will correct itself。

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Jun 17

   Early Windows can be upgraded for free 10 Time,Many computers will encounter some strange problems after upgrading,It includes the Windows menu button in the lower left corner,But this problem is in native Windows 10 Is rarely encountered on your computer。later It is said that A few KBs were released last year and this problem has been reproduced,But our company did not encounter。Recently on a new batch of computers,This problem occurs again。

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