Windows 7 (2008 R2) Updates appear 80092004 錯誤

Do not know when to start,Freshly installed Windows 7 (2008 R2) In the month when the latest update rollup updates,Will jump 80092004 Error message,If the update of the month to cancel out,After re-examination,Change the update rollup update last month,As will jump 80092004 Error message。Today spend a lot of time to climb with the text test,Finally finally identify the problem。



In fact 80092004 The error is related with the verification of the update file,So is not necessarily what causes,In my situation it,Because this year,Mounting the SHA1 authentication encrypted file into SHA2,SHA2 problem has occurred in the verification of this,So there 80092004 錯誤。FromMicrosoft's explanationView,Windows 7 (2008 R2) You need to install KB4474419 and KB4490628 two KB,Checked my computer,There are installed KB4474419,But missing KB4490628,So long as the Microsoft Update Catalog Download and install KB4490628,You can normally install rollup patch kit。



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  1. JOY Says |

    Why can't I download it…Sorry

    I just tested it and it was OK,Maybe you can consider downloading from another browser?

    Anson Reply |
  2. Nadia Says |

    Xie Xie 你!This is very useful

    Glad to help you,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  3. Aso Says |

    Really is the problem,Thanks to provide information

    Blunt :)

    Anson Reply |
  4. Ken Says |

    Thank you for your clarification,Win7 Update has aborted a new update,But it can still be updated to the latest version in January 2020,Thanks again~

    Xie Xie 您

    Anson Reply |
  5. Rui Says |

    Thanksgiving moderator praise moderator,You saved my update XD

    Blunt :)

    Anson Reply |

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