Nov 23

Author:Li Haozhong
Press:Start culture
Publishing Day:2013/12/03
Individual competitions:★★★★★
Ebook link:Readmoo

   Honeymoon,I chose Northern Europe for travel purposes,To appreciate the beauty of nature,So the impression of Norway,In addition to the fjord and other scenery,No more。

   after reading this book,To understand how the Norwegian culture is so different from the image in my mind,It did make me a little fascinated by Norway。I always thought that some of my habits were a bit critical,Or just looking for something,After watching,Increase a lot of self-identity。

   quite like the author's style,Comfortable to read,The author's thinking is also quite clear and objective,Quite recommend this book。

Oct 14

Author:Zhu Ziqing
Press:Taiwan Digital Publishing Alliance (One Hundred Years Thousand Books Project)
Publishing Day:2011/09/29
Individual competitions:★★★★☆
Ebook link:Readmoo

   This free e-book should have been in my bookcase for seven years,Recently I started with MooInk,Just opened him up and watched。He should have been put in the bookcase because it included the "Back View" from the previous textbook for free.,But it left him silent for seven years。After MooInk started,I was thinking about deleting him,I chose to open it later,Learn about the “prose” What's going on。

  Read Zhu Ziqing's text,Can immerse people in the picture he describes,Whether it’s for viewing the scenery,Still on the street,Feel quite comfortable。When reading "back view",Imagine the scene of the old father climbing over the platform;When you read "For the deceased woman",There are pictures of his wife's hard work but no complaints in my mind。Each piece of prose in the trail is not much,So there is no pressure to read,Feels small and beautiful,Quite recommended。

May 22

Press:Xing Lin Culture
Publishing Day:1997October
Individual competitions:★★★★

  這本書是從圖書館借閱,初看封面及出版日期已為二十年前的書,認為應不會有太多觀念可以了解,但基於心中對於催眠仍有諸多好奇,They borrowed it。

  本書內容對於催眠有蠻客觀的見解,作者對於已知與未知的部份皆有很清晰的描述,且提供目前有哪些論點存在,讀起來可以很輕鬆的釐清各種想法,不至混淆,This book is recommended。

May 13

Publishing Day:2001October
Individual competitions:★★★★

  此書是為向圖書館借閱,雖然是本十多年前的書,But the concept of self-cultivation and cultivation of the mind such as described and will not become obsolete。Borrow this book is to learn more about this principle advocated by Master Li Fengshan walk away the power of,Unfortunately, did not dwell too much。

  看完此書對於自己心境或多或少有些正向的改變,Hope he can continue to change in the right direction。

Apr 28

Publishing Day:2003November
Individual competitions:★★★★

  一開始看的時候有點不適應,每個段落的主題與內文讓我不太能理解重點,加上有極大的篇幅在描述某某某說過什麼話,Let me read a bit hard。

  中間瀕死經驗的描述蠻精彩的,激發不少想像空間,可惜分享的事例偏少,Soon entered the back of the recommended order。

A governor 來說,單就瀕死經驗分享的內容來說,This is still a recommended book。

Apr 9

Press:English Voice of Han
Publishing Day:2016March
Individual competitions:★★★★★

  這本是無意間在Readmoo搜尋到的書,一直以來對於李嗣涔教授所做的相關研究都很有興趣,但不知為何,這本書雖是去年才出版,但網路上能取得的管道卻是少之又少,包括博客來與金石堂皆無販售,After the purchase is through Eslite。

  本書是在2001年時,By the Sun Chu Lin、沈今 river、Lee Si-chen and Wu Meiyun way through the interview to talk about the record,But I do not know why until 2016, was released。Content of the book is really an eye-opener,除了李教授以前「難以置信」書裡提到各種現象外,紀錄了許多讓人無法理解的實驗結果,看完書後,For this world have more question marks。

  十幾年前在接觸「難以置信」書時,讓我興奮不已,也開始有了閱讀習慣,因此在發現此書時,心中有股莫名的興奮與期待,而在讀完後,也如當年一樣,Want to know more! So - to our readers who are interested in the new century books。

Sea 30

Press:Business Weekly
Publishing Day:2011October
Individual competitions:★★★☆

  作者有點以說故事的方式在處理某些細節,讓我有些轉換不過來,需要去臆測作者當下實際遇到的情形是什麼,讓我有些不適應,And expectations, the textbook also fall。

  而書中提及的許多觀點及際遇,倒是使人大開眼界,另人感覺似乎又多瞭解了一些關於這個世界的奧秘,Gain a lot。

Oct 9

Author:Tomio Sato◎著;黃萱惠◎譯
Press:Spring Publishing
Publishing Day:2007In August
Individual competitions:★★★

The author is a 74-year-old gentleman,Mantra to promote ways to improve your life。See half of the book was discovered that the cupboard "mantra dream come true law" is written by the same author,Mentioned in this book a good habit of ,Is the mantra about。

This book presents a consistent inspirational book style,More than half of the length of the argument is, "Why do so."、"How to do after the meeting." "Who do" and,The most important "how",In fact, only a small part。Personally not used to this type of book reading,May my thoughts are not clear enough,Seen a lot of friends friends miscellaneous story,Often ignore what is the focus,Read a chapter or even the whole book,點是 Inmo Kiyoshige non 會釐,So I actually would go to Japan to buy the book to avoid。

Excitement in the life of the proviso to provide reach fathom 找,Homologous goal gave us a good near-term current 嘗試 份恰 這部,I want ~ accumulated numerous moved,Having self-correction surface schematic thinking Yuzuru flight ability in intangible,Relative can also improve the quality of their lives。The book also mentioned a fixed habit is to eat vitamins,Comparing non 認同 份我 這部,I think it is way through the movement of food or to make their own health will be better now。

When reading a chapter,Get an experience,"Our life,Derived from a play the game like a directed,If you write a good script,But also how to invite your favorite female(Male)Protagonist to perform it?

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Sep 22

Press:This natural person
Publishing Day:2011In May
Individual competitions:★★★☆

Purchase if the written 這本,In life, just some things that need to switched,But a few months later began reading。

Yes give us written expectations 些落 difference 這本,Thought to be able to see of some of the more unique opinions or views,Even experienced,But in fact the book more like the story of the confluence,Collation of all story-based,Of the story behind the comment,Therefore read,I never have forgotten what this book aims to。

Non-representative certificate good 這本 這不 當然,As I said earlier,Only with the demands of a gap.,The book is still part of the discussion is worth learning and reference。

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Sep 1

Author:Kuang Yu Cheng
Press:Catcher Publishing
Publishing Day:2008In June
Individual competitions:★★★★★

The book on my bookshelf put two、With three years ,Have almost forgotten what the original motivation was to buy。But that does not matter,Reading this book,Starting from the directory,They have opened the door to let my head feeling learning。

More extensive use of self-child cases the phrase author,Author breaks hand 變 start 哪些 以用 accepted method 點出 clear parallel,Save a Fusaku 蠻 remembered 份我 這部,Let people know that you can want to change how to start。Part of the author's point of view may be more a little biased,But I think the better to escape their own thinking when reading to understand the author's ideas,Come to accept assessments、Abandon,Or transformation! To create the greatest value to read this book on self-generated。

This book is about my night just turned 1、2Chapters,Shutting their books, positive emotions or thoughts,Several pieces 晚 good night sleep we lose Yuzuru 陪伴 governor: ),So I quite recommend this book。As the authors say,He hopes to be able to such a positive attitude,Do everything the infection to everyone,After reading it,I also intend this book to lend people need to,We hope to improve the attitude towards life of。

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