Desktop shortcut icon disappears

ms-windowsTreated twice a desktop shortcut icon disappears situation,Two of the reasons are not the same,During processing and also find a number of other reasons,Respectively, as follows。


● The first condition is that the user mistakenly lnk file association linked to the wrong application,Cause icon abnormal,啟也 abnormal opening,This situation is encountered,Need to "file type" to lnk to delete it。

XP is located:"File Explorer" - "Tools" - "Folder Options" - "file type"

Windows 7:"Control Panel" - "Programs" - "Always On certain file types in a specific program."(刪 設沒 deposit law,可以用Unassociate File Types這個工具移除)


●第二種是Windows的IconCache.db(This file is a hidden file)Out of the question,Therefore solution,Is removed,Reboot the system to regenerate。

XP:C:\Documents and Settings\你的帳戶\Local Settings\Application Data

Windows 7:C:\Users\你的帳戶\AppData\Local


● The third condition is relatively rare,I encountered one situation,The reason is that their own hands cheap,To C:\WINDOWS Installer 底下 的 档案 给 删 了,This just put the installation files to this directory information,Will remove it after the icon is brought to this directory。If you're like me hand disabled,Shinan come 裝程 resolution formula weight capacity 這狀 況只,If irrigation does not go also shift can not afford,可以 透过 Revo Uninstaller 来 移除 再 安装,Revo Uninstaller可以讓部份程式在前半段的正常移除模式中不用再去找那些安裝檔而順利移除,Fusaku a return 蠻 這點,But if the shift Outlook can not afford,It is recommended to give up。



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