Intel Wireless-AC 9560 Appearance”This device can not start”mistake

Two days in processing a new acer NB,Model is Swift SF514-53T,Built-in Windows 10 for 1809 Version,Try to update it to 1903 Version,I did not expect reboot,Wi-Fi can not be used,To see the network center,The whole wireless network card directly disappear,And then "Device Manager" to see,Wireless LAN exclamation point,This type of card is Intel Wireless-AC 9560,After point into,Full error message is”This device can not start。 (Code 10) {operation failed} The requested operation was unsuccessful。”



Since the past few years Windows 10 Compatibility issues driving major version updates occur frequently,So intuition is looking to install the new driver,In view had driven 2018 After version,Go to Intel Download Center search 9560 This latest NIC driver,Version 21.10.1,Release date 2019/5/21,Just in the 1903 After the release,I thought that this version of the chances for a successful solution to the problem is not low。After installing the download,Sure enough, on the proper functioning of the Wifi。



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  1. U big brother Says |

    Just encountered this problem today,The updates are updated,But as no solution ..T_T

    Could you also update after the 1903 encounter it? if not,Give it a try older drivers。

    Anson Reply |
  2. Shengde Says |

    Hello my laptop options WIFI throughout gone,But Ethernet(Ethernet cable connector)goat。
    I have tried your way this article。
    But after the finish or download the driver is still the same problem,
    Or displayed in the Device Manager
    This device can not start。 (Code 10)

    {operation failed}
    The requested operation was unsuccessful。

    您好,Does your 9560 model is it? And the reasons for missing,Whether it is because the update Windows? Thank you

    Anson Reply |

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