IE can not open,Windows 7 has appeared com surrogate has stopped working

IETo solve a very particular problem,Work system Shi Windows 7 64bit,Browser is IE 10,The main problem is the situation does not turn on IE。When the start IE,IE will render the situation when live,Over one 會兒 after,There will be "com surrogate has stopped working",Then IE will automatically shut down,In the majority of program execution,Dayton will also look,Then appeared "com surrogate has stopped working",Press off,The program will then start。


Internet Search "com surrogate stop operation" keyword,The resulting information is likely to have installed Nero、 Divx、KMPlayer and other software,The solution in addition to updating the program,DEP is to be set(Material enforcement prevention)The dllhost.exe release。With this computer is,None of the software mentioned on the Internet is installed,And when you want to try to set the DEP,Satoshize appearance "您無 method set # 64 original executive 檔的 DEP 屬性",This crash others to。


從紀 錄檔 poor,找到 several Brushes mistake report,There are two reports mention some of the cache file can not be read,Report pro- and arrival proposal 掃描 Kata碟,CHKDSK would like to sweep under this look,But they see the hard disk in the system error log report,So the first stay of execution。Later, due to speculation whether the SATA cable failure caused,Met a few times before the system because SATA cable failure caused by abnormal,But because the moment is Remote Control,Is not easy to detect cable,To think about other possibilities。Finally, think of,Webcache file an exception may be only mentioned in the report,Since it is a cache,Delete it anyway,So on to the report's "C:\Users帳戶AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWebCache"目錄,將裡 head owned 檔案 刪除 after,Sure enough, all exceptions to the lifting of the。


after the removed by 查詢,IE 10 has not had in the past,The history / cache to the database in the form of a small deposit into dat files,Contents inside presence of the WebCache,Psychology pay 悶著,That being the case,I do IE reset action,Not respect these history / cache Qingdiao,How will need to manually clear once again just normal。Later then thought,This file should not be read to have bad,Why heavy 設動 work 雖然 completed,In fact it is not done to clean up the action,No wonder when the reset,Once stuck a half minute,Significantly longer time than in the past。


這次 處理 這個 problem,It took a、Two hours,Satoshisan Yes resolution,NamiManabuita 點經 驗,PO out to share。Attached below the error report record:

「DllHost (4968) WebCacheLocal: In 47 Seconds after 嘗試 從檔 draft "C:\Users帳戶AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWebCacheWebCacheV01.dat" (Displacement 60325888 (0x0000000003988000); 32768 (0x00008000) Kuraimoto-gumi) 讀取 failure,Parallel emergence lineage mistake 1117 (0x0000045d): "Intame I / O 裝置 mistake,It can not perform the requested。 "。 A read operation will fail with the error -1022 (0xfffffc02)。If the error persists,The file may be damaged and need to restore from a previous backup。」

"Mistake container ,Type 0
Event Name: InPageError
Responses: Lawless use
Cab identification 碼: 0

Slightly behind…」

"As one of the following reasons,Windows lawless Sonto 檔案 C:\Users帳戶AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWebCacheWebCacheV01.dat: Internet connection、Store files on the disk、This installed on your computer to store driver problems; Or missing disk。 Because this error,Windows has been shut down programs COM Surrogate。

Program: COM Surrogate
File: C:\UsersjaneAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWebCacheWebCacheV01.dat

Error values ​​are listed in the "Other Information" section。
User behavior
1. Re-open the file。 This situation may be only a temporary problem,Will correct itself when the program re-run。
2.  If you still can not access the file and
    – Archives located on the web, Your network administrator should confirm that the network server is reachable and there is no problem。
    – Archives located Removable Disk (Such as floppy or CD-ROM) On,Make sure the disk is fully inserted into the computer。
3. CHKDSK is performed to check and repair the file system。To execute CHKDSK,Please click sequence [Start]、[Enforcement],Import CMD,Then click [Confirmed]。At the command prompt enter CHKDSK / F,And then press ENTER。
4. 如果 problem di 續發 students,Restore files from a backup copy。
5. Determine whether other files on the same disk can be opened。If you can not open,Represents the disk may be damaged。If a hard disk,Please contact your administrator or computer hardware vendor, For further assistance。

. Yahoo materials
Mistake 值: C0000185
磁碟 types:  3」

App name "failed: DllHost.exe,Version: 6.1.7600.16385,Time 戳記: 0x4a5bca54
Failure specific model set name 稱: msvcrtdll,Version: 7.0.7601.17744,Time 戳記: 0x4eeb033f
Exception 狀況 碼: 0xc0000006
Mistake position move: 0x0000000000001049
Introduction Identification 碼 about failure basis 處理: 0x110
Failure basis 應用 equations start time: 0x01cea4905380e7da
Failed application path: C:\windowssystem32DllHost.exe
Failure model basis set path 徑: C:\windows system32 msvcrt.dll
Report identification 碼: c00f5398-1083-11e3-bcfd-eca86b8a4939 」



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