Aug 14

Recently the company every day 1-3 computers when using IE,Will pop up "your Windows system has been corrupted" error message,After confirming the computer was not poisoned,Just could not clarify why this page will pop up a fake,And has a different computer on a daily basis。


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Jun 27

Today there are colleagues reaction,Outlook e-mail suddenly all become plain text,Also part of the contents garbled situation,Manually modify the coding can not be restored to normal。Online searching for information,Outlook does have a setting that allows users to browse email when,All in the form of plain text to view,以提高安全性,But the colleagues of this setting does not open,Even if the open and then close,Mail is still text-mode。


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Jun 26

Outlook sometimes receive contain image001.wmz、image002.wmz ... attached file of e-mail,For file wmz file extension,Windows by default recommendation to open Windows Media Player,But in fact may fail to open。If the Save as image formats such as jpg or png,You will see the end is which set of plug-use software,Some can be opened,Some not。


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Jun 24

Colleagues react when a new computer in print Excel files,Insufficient memory message appears,Print PDF files is no response。Originally thought Windows 10 1903 With Excel 2007 Compatibility issues,Because the rise 1903 Time,The computer's wireless card directly strike,Updated until the driver returns to normal。After testing a few ways,The printer driver tried to re-install the deleted,Only to find this computer to connect to the server validation has been lost,So it is necessary to re-enter the account password to verify,The main reason for this is the lack of memory will appear Excel Print,So only to user accounts console,Windows will set the correct authentication can solve the problem。

May 13

New Windows 10 Laptops come when,Some Office components are often built,After often have to move it a clean,To install their own to buy the version of Office,And from time to time,Error messages that occur are not the same。Recently when dealing with a new NB,When you install Office 2013 To 90% Time,The error message pops "Some office functions can not be installed.",You can select "Retry" or "ignore",By convention,Select "Retry" will have the same problem,And select "Ignore", then,Colleagues said that at present have not seen what effect,Still work。


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Apr 26

From Outlook 2007 Start,There are built-in mail indexing,When allows users to search e-mail,Search faster to the destination e-mail,However, this indexing is sometimes caused by the mail we could not find an existing。When replacing a computer or other factors need to rebuild indexes,Before indexing is completed,The user will find the message would be incomplete results,This situation occurs infrequently,But when you are anxious to find a letter,When they met to complete the index has not been established,It will cause great distress。


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Jan 5
Apache Updates、MariaDB、PHP
icon1 Anson | icon2 軟體 應用 | icon4 01 5th, 2019| icon1 553 views | icon3Comments Off on Apache Updates、MariaDB、PHP

Because the company's Web site before being implanted malware relationship,Build a new website platform,And abandon such quickly build appserv but only for development environment kit,Changes toManually build Apache、MariaDB and PHP,After renewed every six months and with the frequency of maintenance to do,Benpian Apache is the record update、Step MariaDB and PHP program of three。


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Nov 5

MDaemon has a built-in function to generate a credential,But does not export this certificate to submit relevant information to a third party verification,So If you want a third party SSL certificate verification unit to apply for credentials by MDaemon,Can refer to Comodo Teaching provided,Through the Windows program to achieve this certreq.exe。


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Nov 2

Recent upgrades to the computer in Office 2007 Time,In the Open Outlook 2007 An error message will appear "Log VB Script DLL failed ',And prompts to perform”regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll”To log in,The shining execution and not solve the problem。

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Oct 8
Previously had to write an "Setting HP 5130 EI sFlow (data monitoring)Spread inMon sFlowTrend"Article,VPN network was a subsidiary of the abnormal situation,Please view the VPN router vendors,Found to be a very basic and common services occupied bandwidth leads,Was just thinking if we can carry out its own inquiry,You can shorten the overall time Chaxiu。After the Internet Information inquiry,Try a few free flow software,Finally, select the sFlowTrend this relatively simple and practical tool,And then after the installation,Because the network problem eliminated,There will be no opportunity to see how the actual effect。
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