May 25

Previous Article"Set up public contacts in MDaemon address book-manual import"Write is to manually upload a csv file to set up the public address book,This article is for MDaemon to directly synchronize contact information with AD,The title will write manual synchronization because you need to press it yourself,Will sync。
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May 25

   because of home office,Colleagues use Webmail more frequently,Therefore, there is a need for a public address book,MDaemon sometimes has less intuitive logic in some settings,So this time it took some time to explore,Finally get。
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Feb 24

  A station uses Apache、PHP、Windows Web Server built on MariaDB architecture,Joomla running on it,These programs will be updated to the latest version every six months,But ESET's real-time scan will trace Apache's httpd.exe in C every few days.:\WindowsTemp generates some Trojan horse files of php***.tmp,And scan the entire server,And did not scan out the abnormality。

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Jan 12

starting from today,A flash info icon will appear when opening a webpage with Flash and it cannot be used,Will jump to Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page,There are a lot of reasons why Adobe does not let Flash execute,But it didn’t say if you have to continue using time,How to do。

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Oct 13

   I have colleagues when Outlook receives the letter,Ran for a while after clicking on,Appeared afterwards “This message was not processed,Because the message contains a lot of MIME text” Messages,The source code of the letter follows,As shown below:

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Sep 9

◎ Outlook 2003、2007:

– C:\Users帳號AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook
– Delete .nk2 file。
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Jul 30

◎ Server OS: Windows Server 2019
◎ OpenVPN: OpenVPN 2.4.9 (Community)
◎ AD verification component: Auth4OpenVPNv2.0
OS Client OS: Windows 10
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Jul 27

◎ Use AD as the account verification method。
◎ Client side uses independent network segment,And get IP automatically。
◎ Client side will only flow VPN for specific network segment traffic,Go online (Internet) will not。
◎ Client can connect to other network segments within the enterprise。

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May 28

There are a large number of SQL Server Native Clients in the "System Management Events" of the SQL Server server 11.0 mistake,I originally thought it was a problem of SQL operation level, and I ignored it.,Then one day I checked online,Only to find that it is related to ESET。

SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Unable to load sqlnclir11.rll due to either missing file or version mismatch. The application cannot continue.

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May 26

Edge 79 Start of edition,The core is changed to Chromium,So the browsing experience has improved a lot,But my colleagues reacted,When opening a PDF document online,Part of the content will be blank,I'm not sure this PDF was developed by Edge itself,Still use Chromium,Finally, try two methods to let User choose。

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