Set up public contacts in MDaemon address book-manual import

   because of home office,Colleagues use Webmail more frequently,Therefore, there is a need for a public address book,MDaemon sometimes has less intuitive logic in some settings,So this time it took some time to explore,Finally get。


surroundings:MDaemon 16.0.4
◎ 「Setup」-「Public Folder Manager」。


◎ Check "Enable public folders"。


   After enabling the Public Folder function,By default, there are “Respective” Public function (Public contact、Public documents, etc.),But this is not what i want,I want a global contact that can be shared by all domains,Therefore, I will first turn off the permissions of the default items under these domains。

◎ Click "Edit ACLs" of each domain,Masaru,Remove anyone's "Lookup Folder",Or take it all away。


◎ Then click "New folder" in the root item "Public Folders",Add a "Contacts",The global public contact。


◎ After adding public Contact,Open anyone's "Lookup Folder"、"Read" permission,In addition, set full permissions for the manager account,For subsequent file creation or import。

※ When the setting of Public Folder is changed,If User has logged in to Webmail,After finishing the setting,User needs to log in again to see the correct environment。


◎ Log in to Webmail with an account with modification permissions,After entering the "Address Book", you will see the public address book you just created,Then you can choose to add contacts or import contacts。


◎ If you don’t know the format of the import,You can add a contact first,Right click on the contact group on the left,Select "Export",You can refer to the format of this file。

※ Unused fields can be deleted。



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