FortiGate firmware download

Recently Fortinet seems to change the firmware download policy,If the warranty has passed,Even if you are a member,Can't download firmware,Just one of the 110Cs in hand recently is a bit abnormal,Firmware needs to be repainted,But can't find the dilemma that the firmware can download。After asking the manufacturer for help, I finally got a firmware,Then, go online and search for the firmware file that can be found,Stay here as a spare,It is also provided to emergency friends。


【FortiGate 30D】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_30D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_30D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【FortiGate 30E】

◎ 6.2.7-FGT_30E-v6-build1190-FORTINET.out


【FortiGate 40C】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_40C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【FortiGate 40F】

◎ 6.4.5-FGT_40F-v6-build1828-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 50A】

◎ 3.0MR7P10-FGT_50A-v300-build0754-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 50B】

◎ 4.0MR3P19-FGT_50B-v400-build0694-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 50E】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_50E-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.7-FGT_50E-v6-build1190-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60C】

◎ 5.0.13-FGT_60C-v5-build0322-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.6-FGT_60C-v5-build0711-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.9-FGT_60C-v5-build0736-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.11-FGT_60C-v5-build0754-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.13-FGT_60C-v5-build0762-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_60C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60C POE】

◎ 5.2.14-FGT_60C_POE-v5-build0764-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 60C】

◎ 5.2.15-FWF_60C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 60CM】

◎ 5.2.15-FWF_60CM-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 60CX ADSL】

◎ 5.2.15-FWF_60CX_A-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60D】

◎ 5.2.2-FGT_60D-v5-build0642-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.4-FGT_60D-v5-build0688-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.5-FGT_60D-v5-build0701-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.9-FGT_60D-v5-build0736-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.0-FGT_60D-v5-build1011-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.2-FGT_60D-v5-build1100-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.9-FGT_60D-v5-build1673-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.11-FGT_60D-v5-build1700-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_60D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.2-FGT_60D-v6-build0163-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.4-FGT_60D-v6-build0231-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.5-FGT_60D-v6-build0268-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.7-FGT_60D-v6-build0302-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.9-FGT_60D-v6-build0335-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.10-FGT_60D-v6-build0365-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.11-FGT_60D-v6-build0387-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_60D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60D POE】

◎ 5.2.10-FGT_60D_POE-v5-build0742-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.12-FGT_60D_POE-v5-build0760-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.10-FGT_60D_POE-v5-build1220-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.12-FGT_60D_POE-v5-build1225-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_60D_POE-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_60D_POE-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 60D】

◎ 5.0.9-FWF_60D-v5-build0292-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.0.11-FWF_60D-v5-build0310-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.0.14-FWF_60D-v5-build0323-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.2.11-FWF_60D-v5-build0754-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FWF_60D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_60D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


I FortiWifi 60D POE】

◎ 5.6.13-FWF_60D_POE-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_60D_POE-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60E】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_60E-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.7-FGT_60E-v6-build1190-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.5-FGT_60E-v6-build1828-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.6-FGT_60E-v6-build1879-FORTINET.out

◎ 7.0.0-FGT_60E-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 60E POE】

◎ 7.0.0-FGT_60E_POE-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 60E】

◎ 5.6.6-FWF_60E-v5-build1630-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.8-FWF_60E-v5-build1672-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.11-FWF_60E-v5-build1700-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FWF_60E-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_60E-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.9-FWF_60E-v6-build1234-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.6-FWF_60E-v6-build1879-FORTINET.out

◎ 7.0.0-FWF_60E-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 70D】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_70D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_70D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 80C】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_80C-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 80CM】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_80CM-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 80E】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_80E-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.2-FGT_80E-v6-build1010-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.0-FGT_80E-v6-build1579-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.2-FGT_80E-v6-build1723-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.4-FGT_80E-v6-build1803-FORTINET.out

◎ 7.0.0-FGT_80E-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 81E】

◎ 6.4.6-FGT_81E-v6-build1879-FORTINET.out

◎ 7.0.0-FGT_81E-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 90D】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_90D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_90D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 90D】

◎ 5.6.13-FWF_90D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_90D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


I FortiWifi 90D POE】

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_90D_POE-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 90E】

◎ 5.4.7-FGT_90E-v5-build6457-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.9-FGT_90E-v5-build8037-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.9-FGT_90E-v5-build1673-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.11-FGT_90E-v5-build1700-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.10-FGT_90E-v6-build0365-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.7-FGT_90E-v6-build1190-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.5-FGT_90E-v6-build1828-FORTINET.out


【FortiWifi 92D】

◎ 6.0.12-FWF_92D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 100D】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_100D-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.4.12-FGT_100D-v5-build1225-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_100D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.11-FGT_100D-v6-build0387-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.8-FGT_100D-v6-build1232-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 100E】

◎ 7.0.0-FGT_100E-v7.0.0-build0066-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 110C】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_110C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 140D】

◎ 5.4.1-FGT_140D-v5-build1064-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 140D POE】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_140D_POE_T1-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 200B】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_200B-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 200D】

◎ 5.6.9-FGT_200D-v5-build1673-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.11-FGT_200D-v5-build1700-FORTINET.out

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_200D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.10-FGT_200D-v6-build0365-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.0.12-FGT_200D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 201E】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_201E-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.3-FGT_201E-v6-build1066-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.5-FGT_201E-v6-build1828-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 300C】

◎ 5.2.15-FGT_300C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 300D】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_300D-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.2.8-FGT_300D-v6-build1232-FORTINET.out

◎ 6.4.6-FGT_300D-v6-build1879-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 500D】

◎ 6.4.5-FGT_500D-v6-build1828-FORTINET.out


【Fortigate 600C】

◎ 5.6.13-FGT_600C-v5-build1714-FORTINET.out


【FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE】

◎ 7.0.0-FSW_108E_FPOE-v7-build0022-FORTINET.out


【FortiExtender 40D】

◎ 4.0.2-FEXT_40D-v4.0.2-build0051.out



178 Responses

  1. tony leung Says |

    90D 有嗎?


    Anson Reply |
  2. Kubilay Says |

    Hi dear.

    I need FWF-90D frimwares. Can you upload for me?

    Thank You

    Sure. Uploaded.

    Anson Reply |
  3. donglee Says |

    I’m looking for the latest version of the Fortigate 60D, 6.0.12.

    Here you go.

    Anson Reply |
  4. Kris Says |

    Thanks a lot! your firmware files reallly help for my fortigate 90D

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  5. lky Says |

    Thank You


    Anson Reply |
  6. Jonny Says |

    Thanks for these. I tried to use 5.2.8-FGT_60C-v5-build0727-FORTINET.out but it said that it was not a valid firmware for my 60C. Also is it possible to post 5.2.12 which I believe is the latest supported for the 60C.

    Hi, The latest version of firmware for the 60C is 5.2.15, and I’ve updated the download link.

    Anson Reply |
  7. lky3 Says |

    updated,Thank you for helping,Also hope to have 200D


    Anson Reply |
  8. Beralco Says |

    I'm looking for Fortigate 50E firmware.

    OK, Enjoy it.

    Anson Reply |
  9. Jonny Says |

    Thanks again and you are right I didn’t realize 60C supported up to .15 release. I tried the link and says that the file is in your trash/bin. If you have a moment to review the link that would be great. Others appear working fine. Thanks and appreciate all the help

    Sorry for my mistake. I’ve fixed the link and try again, please. Thank you.

    Anson Reply |
  10. Beralco Says |

    Thank you very much。

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  11. Jonny Says |

    Yes thanks for fixing and appreciate the help

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  12. david Says |

    I’m looking for the latest version of the Fortigate 60E, 6.2.x

    Hello~The latest version of 60E is 6.4.5,6.2The latest is 6.2.7,Both uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  13. Someone Says |

    Any chance for firmware for the 60D-POE Wifi? I tried the firmware for the 60D that was here, but it said “Selected file is not compatible with this FortiGate model.”

    Sure. Try it.

    Anson Reply |
  14. Someone2 Says |

    Perfect, that worked. I have been looking for these firmwares for months! I received my device as partial payment helping a company during a merger/buyout, so the company it is licensed to doesn’t exist anymore and there was no way to try and upgrade it when it expired. Thank you so much!

    That was great! You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  15. Xiao Xu Says |

    Can you provide the latest firmware of FortiWIFI 60C?

    The latest version of FortiWifi 60C is 5.2.12,Let me update~

    Anson Reply |
  16. Charles Dyson Says |

    If possible could you please get these firmware for 60C? We have an old device that needs to be patched. Thank you in advance. 5.2.6 -> 5.2.9 -> 5.2.11 -> 5.2.13

    I think your firmware is 5.2.4?
    I’ve uploaded all 4 firmware for you.
    Thank you.

    Anson Reply |
  17. Charles Dyson Says |

    Thank you so much, you are a god.

    Haha. You’re welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  18. hands Says |

    If possible could you please get these firmware for 60D? We have an old device that needs to be patched 5.0 need to upgrade

    What version do you need? Lists, please.

    Anson Reply |
  19. steve Says |

    dear, is there any possibility to upload firmware for a 80C – much appreciated

    Done. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  20. Sam Says |


    Can you please upload 30D firmware. We need it.

    OK. I’ve uploaded it.

    Anson Reply |
  21. Adam Says |

    If possible could you please get these firmware for 60E? We have an old device that needs to be patched 6.0.12 Build 0387 need to upgrade

    60E I have uploaded 6.4.5、6.2.7、5.6.13Three versions,Your 6.0.12 can be updated to 6.4.5 or 6.2.7。

    Anson Reply |
  22. Flying Says |

    I downloaded 6.0.12-FGT_200D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out,The downloaded file is:6.0.12-FGT_200D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.gz is decompressed to FG200D-6.00-FW-build0419-210127-patch12,Update display is not valid firmware,How can I solve it?,Thank you!

    It should be a .out file after downloading,No need to unzip,Feed .out directly to Fortigate,Please try again,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  23. steve Says |

    thank you, you are a gentleman. the internet thanks you

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  24. SWD Says |

    Cannot download within the warranty,A little weird….

    Thanks for sharing

    So strange!? I later bought one plus a three-year subscription,That’s why there is a way to help everyone catch。

    Anson Reply |
  25. Robin Says |

    The firmware of my 60E device is v5.6.6, can it be directly upgraded to v6.4.5??

    The old version seems to be more troublesome to upgrade,I think the official upgrade path is
    5.6.6 -> 5.6.8 -> 5.6.11 -> 6.0.10 -> 6.2.7 -> 6.4.5。

    Anson Reply |
  26. Tayler Says |

    If possible could you please get these firmware for 90E?
    5.4.7 -> 5.4.9 -> 5.6.9 -> 5.6.11 -> 6.0.10 -> 6.2.7 -> 6.4.5

    OK, now you can download it.

    Anson Reply |
  27. jack Says |

    Seeking the latest version of Fortiwifi 60E~

    uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  28. tiger Says |

    Although a bit old,Is there 200B??

    some,uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  29. henryown Says |

    Is there the latest version of Fortigate FG-80E? Thank you!

    uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  30. Bruce Says |

    Hi Anson,

    I need the firmware for FortiWiFi 60E.

    5.6.6 -> 5.6.8 -> 5.6.11 -> 5.6.13

    Please help. Thank you so much.

    OK. Help yourself.

    Anson Reply |
  31. Yuan Says |

    您好,My unit equipment is 70D,Will the firmware update be able to use the 70D version OUT file you provided directly to the device? Or can the updated version be installed one by one? Haven't touched this part,So I would like to ask you for guidance,Thank you!

    您好,Officially available Upgrade Path Tool Table,If you want to keep the settings,It may be safer to upgrade gradually according to official recommendations。
    But if you set it to Reset,EvenOverwrite the firmware from console mode,You can go straight to the latest version。

    Anson Reply |
  32. Bjron Says |

    HI, first of all I would like to thank you for proving these firmware. Second of all, can you upload 7.0 for FGT_60E? You already have uploaded the 6.4.5 and the 7.0 firmware would be much appreciated. IF it is available of course.

    You’re welcome.
    The 7.0.0 for FGT-60E just uploaded.

    Anson Reply |
  33. henryown Says |

    Thanks for sharing the latest version,But is it possible to provide the 5.6.13 version of Fortigate FG-80E again? Thanks!

    uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  34. s0L Says |

    Hi, thank you for sharing. Could you please uploaded the latest for FGT-60D?

    Hi there, the 6.0.12 is the latest version for FGT-60D.

    Anson Reply |
  35. Manson Wong Says |

    Is there the latest version of FortiGate-30E? Thank you!

    The latest is 6.2.7,updated。

    Anson Reply |
  36. solomonman Says |

    Can you help download the latest firmware of FortiWifi 60D??
    No POE~~~
    Thank you~~~

    The latest is 6.0.12,updated。

    Anson Reply |
  37. m0rgh Says |


    Any chance of uploading FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE latest firmware? Thank you!

    (At bottom of the topic.)

    Anson Reply |
  38. free Says |

    Hello,The current version of my 60D is 5.6.7,To upgrade to 6.0.12, you need to go through 5.6.9->5.6.11->6.0.10->6.0.12,Is it convenient for you to help provide the middle three versions? thank you


    Anson Reply |
  39. Anonymous Says |

    Hello,Can you help download the firmware of FortiGate 100D 5.2.15?


    Anson Reply |
  40. daleji Says |


    can i get FG 100e firmware?


    Here you go.

    Anson Reply |
  41. AnsonManson Says |


    Do you have those firmwares for 50E

    5.4.8 1183
    5.4.10 1220
    5.4.12 1225
    5.6.13 1714
    6.0.12 0419
    6.2.8 1232


  42. AnsonManson Says |

    Sorry, I was able upgrade to 6.2.7 with firmwares you provided


    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  43. Wizard Says |

    Thank you for good material.

    Can fortigate 500D 6.x version be uploaded??

    Be healthy

    Help yourself, please.

    Anson Reply |
  44. Flip83 Says |

    Can you help with 6.0.11 and 6.2.8 for 100D to get Upgrade Path to 6.2.8 from 6.0.9?

    Sure, you’re’ welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  45. ram Says |

    Please upload for FortiExtender 40D-NAM

    No problem.

    Anson Reply |
  46. Mike Says |

    Could be possible to get the latest firmware for a Fortigate 50A?


    Anson Reply |
  47. donglee Says |

    Thank you for your last time support.

    As I checked, there is a Recommended Upgrade Path, so the firmware is required as shown below.
    Even if it’s annoying, I’ll ask for it.


    OK, uploaded.

    Anson Reply |
  48. mis2 Says |

    May I ask FortiGate 60D v5.0, build0310 (GA Patch 11)Is there a way to upgrade to a newer version?

    Please refer to the official Upgrade Path,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  49. Carlo Says |

    Can you please upload 40C firmware. We need it.

    OK, here you go.

    Anson Reply |
  50. nt Says |


    Great resource, thank you. I’m looking to upgrade an old 60D that’s on 5.2 build 589, documentation says I need to go to 5.2.2 and then 5.2.4.

    Would it be possible to get those two versions for download please?

    OK, help yourself.

    Anson Reply |
  51. Rajesh Richard Gonsalves Says |

    Could be possible to get the latest firmware for a Fortigate 50B?

    OK, the latest firmware of 50B is 4.0MR3 Patch 19.

    Anson Reply |
  52. Rajesh R Gonsalves Says |


    Is it possible to get the latest firmware for a Fortigate 50B firewall please?


    Anson Reply |
  53. Ryan James Says |

    110C Firmware worked like a charm.
    I couldn’t find it anywhere else, so thank you!!

    haha, ur welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  54. DALEJI Says |

    Can I get FORTIGATE 81E firmware?

    I need v7 and v6 last version.

    Thank you always.

    You’re welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  55. john Says |

    Looking for the following firmware for 60D POE:
    5.2.10 0742
    5.2.12 0760
    5.4.10 1220
    5.4.12 1225
    5.6.13 1714
    6.0.12 0419


    Anson Reply |
  56. Kelvin Leung Says |

    FortiWifi 60D (不是POE)有嗎?


    Anson Reply |
  57. Kelvin Leung Says |

    FortiWifi 60D 5.6.13 1714(不是POE)有嗎?


    Anson Reply |
  58. Allen Says |

    Could be possible to get the 5.2.15 for a Fortigate 60CM? Thanks a lot.

    Sorry. I can’t find the model named 60CM.

    Anson Reply |
  59. nortech Says |

    Are you able to post the Fortinet checksum for the “6.0.12-FGT_60D-v6-build0419-FORTINET.out” firmware so I can verify it? Thanks.

    No problem.

    MD5 Checksum Code:

    SHA-512 Checksum Code:

    Anson Reply |
  60. Gregor Hekro Says |


    looking for FW 5.0.13 build 00322 for my 60C.
    I talk with Fortinet but don´t help.
    How i can unregister the Fortigate?


    OK. It’s uploaded.

    Anson Reply |
  61. Eddy Says |

    Xie Xie capital 訊 您的
    Thank you so much

    Glad to help you,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  62. Arthur Says |

    Missing Fortigate-300C 5.2.15 and Fortigate-300D 5.6.13, but would be also nice to have 6.2.8 or 6.4.6

    Thanks in advance!

    OK. I’ve uploaded all of you need.

    Anson Reply |
  63. donglee Says |

    Thanks for your help.


    Anson Reply |
  64. Rajesh Gonsalves Says |

    Thanks for 50B firmware

    You’re welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  65. Rajesh Gonsalves Says |


    Thanks for loading 50B firmware however I am getting error after download and integrity check on Fortigate firewall 50B is “Wrong image for this model”.
    Could you please help?

    I’ve checked the file size and it’s correct.
    Maybe you can find the version that you need from the Legacy Upgrade Paths document, then tell me which version you need.

    Anson Reply |
  66. Delta Says |


    We want to upgrade Fortigate 200D,It is now 5.4.9
    ,Can i trouble you to download it? thank.
    Following is the recommended FortiOS migration path for your product



    Anson Reply |
  67. mis2 Says |

    您好,The current version of my Fortigate 60D is 5.0.11,To upgrade to 5.40, you need to go through 5.2.5、5.40,Is it convenient for you to help provide it? Thank you!

    Ok,updated,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  68. david Says |

    Under a 請問,Does fortigate 60E have 6.4.6 firmware? Because 6.4.5 has a problem with ipsec vpn,Thank you!


    Anson Reply |
  69. Ross Says |

    can you grab *any* for the FortiWifi 60CM ?

    Sure. The latest version of FortiWifi 60CM is “5.2.15”.

    Anson Reply |
  70. emefbiemef Says |

    Thanks for the firmwares, can you upload 5.4.12 for 100D as well?

    No problem.

    Anson Reply |
  71. Louis Says |

    please i need the latest version of fortigate 200b

    Thank you

    Hi. I’ve been uploaded 5.2.15 for 200B, and that’s the latest version.

    Anson Reply |
  72. mutual Says |

    Can you provide 5.2.9 and 5.4.2 for 60D?

    Sure thing.

    Anson Reply |
  73. Rajesh Says |

    Thanks. 50B is working now

    I’m glad to help.

    Anson Reply |
  74. Hingel Says |

    Hi, can u pls upload for 80E firmware:
    6.2.2 (1010) –
    6.4.0 (1579) –
    6.4.2 (1723) –
    6.4.4 (1803) –

    Thanks for sharing.


    Anson Reply |
  75. shakatak Says |

    Good day !!!
    For Fortigate 600c version 5.6.13 Help me find ..

    No problem.

    Anson Reply |
  76. Derry Santoso Says |


    I just want to say thank you very much for your efforts and share it with the world. It is really helps out people a lot, including Me!. Keep it up bro!.

    I’m happy to do it and thank you too. 🙂

    Anson Reply |
  77. Hoshi Says |

    Hello, I want to upgrade my FG80CM, I think the latest version should be 5.6.13, Is it convenient to provide it?? Many thanks!

    您好,uploaded,Xie Xie。

    Anson Reply |
  78. JC Says |

    hi, can i get 60d version 6.02 & 6.04
    because the upgrade path, thanks bro.

    OK. You’re welcome.

    Anson Reply |
  79. Eric Says |

    500D Is there a 7.0 version?? 謝


    Anson Reply |
  80. Bruce Says |

    Please help to upload FortiWiFi 60E. Thanks.

    6.0.12 0419
    6.2.9 1234
    6.4.6 1879
    7.0.0 0066


    Anson Reply |
  81. jackywu Says |

    您好,May I have FortiWiFi-60D-T firmware version v5.0, build0271 (GA Patch 6) [Update] [Details] Is this a follow-up version? Thank you

    some,Previously uploaded 5.6.13、6.0.12 That is。

    Anson Reply |
  82. Matt Says |

    Please upload 60e-poe… Thank you


    Anson Reply |
  83. shakatak Says |

    Thanks … I helped out. 😉


    Anson Reply |
  84. john Says |

    Hi dear.

    I need FWF-92D firmwares. Could you upload FWF-92D firmwares for me?

    Thanks a lot!!

    No problems.

    Anson Reply |
  85. Jonthan Says |

    您好,Do you have the firmware for Fortiwifi 90D poe~?


    Anson Reply |
  86. muaddib Says |

    Thank you so much!

    It’s my pleasure.

    Anson Reply |
  87. Hong Pham Says |

    thank for helping out with firmware. Is there any chance you have any working firmware for fortiwifi 60cx-adsl-a ? That will help me a lot!

    OK. Uploaded.

    Anson Reply |
  88. Anonymous Says |

    您好,May I have FortiWiFi-60D-T firmware version v5.0, build0271 (GA Patch 6) [Update] [Details] Does this follow-up version do you have these versions 5.0.9>5.0.11>5.0.14>5.2.11>5.44 Xie Xie

    您好,5.0.9 uploaded、5.0.11、5.0.14、5.2.11,But there is no version 5.44。

    Anson Reply |
  89. Anonymous Says |

    Today I saw that 7.0 added 500D to the support list,Maybe now?

    Still doesn't look like,He only has 500E。

    Anson Reply |
  90. Anonymous Says |

    您好,May I have FortiWiFi-60D-T firmware version v5.0, build0271 (GA Patch 6) [Update] [Details] Does this follow-up version do you have these versions 5.0.9>5.0.11>5.0.14>5.2.11>5.44 Xie Xie

    您好,5.0.9 uploaded、5.0.11、5.0.14、5.2.11,But there is no version 5.44。

    Thank you

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