FortiGate firmware download

Recently Fortinet seems to change the firmware download policy,If the warranty has passed,Even if you are a member,Can't download firmware,Just one of the 110Cs in hand recently is a bit abnormal,Firmware needs to be repainted,But can't find the dilemma that the firmware can download。After asking the manufacturer for help, I finally got a firmware,Then, go online and search for the firmware file that can be found,Stay here as a spare,It is also provided to emergency friends。

◎ FGT_60C-v5-build0727-FORTINET.out

◎ FGT_60C_POE-v5-build0764-FORTINET.out

◎ FGT_110C-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out

◎ FGT_140D-v5-build1064-FORTINET.out

◎ FGT_140D_POE_T1-v5-build0766-FORTINET.out



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