Outlook receives a message containing the attached file image001.wmz

Outlook sometimes receive contain image001.wmz、image002.wmz ... attached file of e-mail,For file wmz file extension,Windows by default recommendation to open Windows Media Player,But in fact may fail to open。If the Save as image formats such as jpg or png,You will see the end is which set of plug-use software,Some can be opened,Some not。



In fact, the file for the message content are inserted pictures,It due to unknown factors are transposed to the attached file type is presented in the process of sending e-mail (Original message content inserted picture will still show),And the contents of the file will be little damage,Figure caused by software can not open properly。If turned to GIMP image editing software,Will first want to jump out of windows to provide Windows Metafile Information,Then will be able to view the content of the original picture。


Therefore, when such a message is received containing the attached file,Just make sure the message contents corresponding to the number of pictures,Entrained in wmz to ignore the file attachments。


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