Sonicwall VPN emerging IKEv2 Payload processing error

In a recent investigation of log Sonicwall,Note that there will continue to log "IKEv2 Payload processing error" error message,And all this with NSA4600 Site to Site VPN establishment of rules。



Repeated the test for a long time,Tested both the firmware update、VPN rules and the use of different types of reconstruction(TZ215、TZ500)To connect,All Wufajiejue,As long as the type of VPN is to take IKEv2,And NSA4600 have turned "Enable Keep Alive",Both sides of the log will be a "IKEv2 Payload processing error" error every 30 seconds laws,But if TZ215 and TZ500 do VPN,There is no problem。


Therefore, the current temporary solution,Is to NSA4600 the "Enable Keep Alive"(Another can not shut),To avoid the "IKEv2 Payload processing error" error。


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