Sonicwall Virtual Adapter 無法啟用

sonicwall防火墙 有 一 软体 Sonicwall Global VPN Client VPN 叫,Will produce a virtual network card after installation—"Sonicwall Virtual Adapter",This network card is usually disabled,When the connection is established,Enable will automatically。

Just encountered a situation,When the connection is established,Global VPN Client error message—“The connection ‘IP’ requires the use of the SonicWALL Virtual Adapter, however this adapter can not be found. It may have been disabled or uninstalled. Please check your network configuration.”,This virtual network adapter is not found,The same tried and bagging,Teaching on the network are all said to go directly to the local network connection,On this card "Enable" Right-click can be solved,But when I enabled,Automatically disabled after a while,Tried many times are the same。

Finally try out solutions,This card into the "content" after,To the "Settings" in the,The bottom there is a "Device usage",The elections to the drop-down option "Use this device(Enable)",So will be able to successfully enabled virtual network card。


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