Security settings can not add users

Yesterday teaching colleagues set the security settings of the shared directory,Book 增的 new doors throughout 找不 greed 樣都 怎麼 發生,擇不 same region after a selected network,But to find it is the domain of the user,In the AD Server is no problem。


If want to add a user account in XP environment,key up the accounts most letters,Press the "Check Names",Normal is necessary to find the user account,If you can not find,Will & quot; can not find the name & quot; message。


  Windows 2000在新增帳戶時,Mining the list out to let you choose,So I try to use another computer to new,What is the difference between want to see results,One hour later stage result 搜尋,It lists a bunch of AD default group account,其中包含「Anonymous Logon, Authenticated Users, Batch, Creator Group, Creator Owner, Dialup, Enterprise Domain Controllers, Interactive, Network, Proxy, Restricted, Self, Service, System, and Terminal Server User」,Domain of the user that is not。


Fire protection equipment 伺服 牆給 關閉 內建 錄的 來把 eye problem after,這個 problem resolution computed governor,After observation by connecting tool,Find out the original LDAP 389 port is blocked due to,Just open the exception of a 389 port,Can be solved。



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