True route network 是 favorite pieces!

A while back, the relatives of the shop refurbishment,Looking for me to help re PULL,Originally was the only network cable,Additional monitoring instrument after chronic 來慢…Telephone line…。Pull it is not difficult,Mainly through the concrete wall and part of the cable beneath the existing decor is a bit trickier,A 裝潢 拆裝 其他 formulation process for a 這次 了,Divide several days to complete。

Before in stitches,There is the first observation of Rafah before,In addition to the past, in theory, originally you can let the phone go network cable line,A power line monitoring device 及 訊號 也將 Workers 發現(Direct-current)Do an extension of the same network cable,This way you can save a lot of trouble cut。

Also in the part of the telephone central office,Predecessors had the network cable to do the bridge connection for the outdoor central office and indoor telephone box,Therefore, although the relatives in addition to apply for a two-way door No.,New heavy 拉線 需再 也不 a person Chunghwa Telecom,Just use the remaining two pairs of lines,Then a pick at both ends like,Diaphragm head 裝潢 rumored for chemotaxis 是 份因 這部,So you can not re-cable, then,Save a great project。

Line at a public room room 內辦 到 在 來我 拉外 place after,Also used the same manner,Guy running the same story line network path Atae 兩路 city 將網,Originally worried about interference problems,But Internet search after,User response this is feasible.,Does not interfere with,So do not worry。

Only for an understanding of the theory of natural,But not enough practical experience studied under,Through this experience,It is a good multi-gain error,K1 connecting terminals also recognize that this is good material,And deeply feel that the network cable is really a good thing ah! "

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