MDaemon multiple computers at the same time received a letter from a pop3 account

MDaemon 是 个 好用 又 稳定 的 Mail Server,MDaemon after the company changed from Exchange,Also did not come across a big problem,MDaemon功能雖然不若Exchange強大,But for the vast majority of the demand is also very good enough。MDaemon also a great place to be all the settings are clearly the way to notepad record,So when some of the special needs,Very convenient for managers,Some people might think that I would have a security problem,Convenience,Really great。

MDaemon has a strange mechanism,If you are using pop3 receiver,Yes contact Osamu 裝置 one individual ability 號只 same book the same time,So if someone like company while using PC、NB, or phone receiver via pop3 when,It often appears & quot; -ERR maildrop already locked & quot; error message。Go to Taiwan to check MDaemon forum,Someone reaction,But to no avail,Their own research after,Finally to find solutions。


  MDaemon目錄底下有個LockFiles資料夾,When the account at the receiver via pop3,This directory will generate a file called "pop-mail account. Lck" file,Osamu complete 畢 當接,This file will disappear,Before the disappearance of this file,If another device is receiving action for the same account.,Will appear & quot; -ERR maildrop already locked & quot; error message。


說 likely one start,I just let MDaemon can not be generated .lck files in this directory just fine。After changing security settings,Really solved the problem of simultaneously closing pop3,Prepared to receive part of the Web but there was a problem,Log in to the web,Do not see any letter in the mailbox。After,Change the security can be established,But can not read,This will solve all the problems。



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