Windows 10 / Excel has no ROC calendar

   Colleagues have reported that the Excel date format of the new computer is missing the "Calendar Type" field,Therefore, it is impossible to choose the format of the "Republic of China Calendar"。上網查詢後,Some articles say that you can download the cab file of microsoft-windows-internationalfeatures-taiwan-package to install,But after I actually downloaded and installed,An error code of 0x800f0818 will appear,It seems that the version does not match。


   Another article mentioned,It was originally possible to add it in "Optional Features" by itself,But windows 10 Removed after a certain version,I tried to find it later,Looks like it's still there,So just through "Add optional features",To resolve this issue,。


◎ "Settings"-"Applications"-"Optional Features"。


◎ "New Features"。


◎ Check "Taiwan Region",And click "install"。

※ If you can't find "Taiwan area",※ If you can't find "Taiwan area",※ If you can't find "Taiwan area"。


◎ After installation,You can select "Republic of China Calendar" in the Excel date format。


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