Temporarily avoid Flash in 1/12 End of life problem

starting from today,A flash info icon will appear when opening a webpage with Flash,Will jump to Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page,There are a lot of reasons why Adobe does not let Flash execute,But it didn’t say if you have to continue using time,How to do。


   Of course I know that there are many flash problems,High security risk,Avoid it,However, many companies’ environments are difficult to improve in the short term,Such as old systems or equipment,A small part of it contains flash elements,This time 1/12 blockade action,Let us not even enter the internal vmware console,So I had to test how to avoid the EOL problem of flash。


   original assessment,It should be when the webpage wants to load the flash component,First led to the adobe website,Then the EOL icon appears,So just block the adobe website to solve it,But think about it, the probability should not be high,It is more likely that when Adobe updated the flash for the last time,Write the EOL related code in,Judge as long as 1/12 On arrival,No longer run flash normally,So try to adjust the computer date forward to 1/11,Sure enough, the flash works normally。


【method one】
 Adjust the computer date to be earlier than 1/12 Date of,But this method is only suitable for relatively simple pages,For example, switch console, etc.,If it is a system,Adjusting the date is not a good way。


【Method Two】
 Download the old version of flash,The old version of Flash has no EOL judgment function,Thus, in 1/12 Still work。I use Version test,Can be used normally。

Adobe Flash Player Download

remind:This method is only a temporary solution to urgent needs,It is recommended to replace flash related products as soon as possible in the long run。


2020/01/14 Update

[Method 3 ~ Recommended]
 Keep using the latest 32 Version,And turn on”C:\WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashmms.cfg”,Add content below:

  EnableAllowList = 1  EnableWhitelist = 1    AllowListUrlPattern=https://www.yourSite.com/  WhitelistUrlPattern=https://www.yourSite.com/  # 如果有 port 要加上,  # 例 https://www.yourSite.com:9443  

This method will only release flash for websites you trust,Relatively high security,So this method is recommended。




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  1. Nie Feng Says |

    Thank you for providing a way to continue using flash,Because they are working internally and not externally,So even if it is used, it is not dangerous。

    You're welcome 🙂

    Anson Reply |

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