Set Unifi Network Controller as a Windows service

Unifi Network Controller is written in JAVA,So before it was installed in Window 7,But it often happens that the program fails,Later, it will restart almost every day,So I was thinking about whether I could make it a service,And the official does provide practice,But when doing,Pay attention to some places。


At the beginning, I was directly on Windows 7 Up operation,But after the service is set up,But it won't start,Then I noticed that there are reminders in the official documents,Run as a service,The environment must be Windows 8 Or 10。

It applies to Windows 8 and 10, but does not apply to Window Server versions.


◎ After preparing the environment,Run the following commands as an administrator,To set Unifi Network Controller as a Windows service:

cd "%UserProfile%\Ubiquiti UniFi\"
java -jar lib\ace.jar installsvc


◎ Then you can start the service,Or start with the following command。

java -jar lib\ace.jar startsvc


Other,When the Unifi Network Controller is to be updated,Need to remove the service first,After the update,Set it back。The removal instructions are as follows:(Need to execute as system administrator)

cd "%UserProfile%\Ubiquiti UniFi\"
java -jar lib\ace.jar uninstallsvc


Unifi Network Controller's update frequency is relatively high,So when doing updates,You may have to notice this removal。Other,After changing to service mode and starting,Failed will never happen again。



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