Windows Server events are full “The Windows Modules Installer service has entered a stopped state”Messages

Checking a Windows Server today 2008 R2 event,Found "System Event" full of Windows Modules Installer start and stop messages,Internet crawling found An article Is discussing a similar issue,Only the role is “WMI Performance Adapter” service,The reason is that there is a remote service (Like SCOM: System Center Operations Manager) Monitoring computer,Will cause the WMI service to switch on and off in response to it。


By This article statement,This happens when 2008 R2 mostly,But part 2012 R2 server also appeared,And this event is just a record of state,Not a problem,Just a lot of information may cause managers to ignore other important events,So if you want to avoid this situation,You can go to "Service" “WMI Performance Adapter” "Startup Type" changed from "Manual" to "Automatic",Avoid turning it on and off。


In terms of my situation,Is to put “Windows Modules Installer” The "Activation Type" of the service can be changed from "Manual" to "Automatic"。



Later discovered that in fact, many services will have similar situations,So if the frequency of calling the program is really high,In fact, you can consider changing the "startup type" of the service to "automatic",Let his normality start,The services that organize my current servers encountering this situation are as follows:

● Windows Modules Installer
● Network Setup Service
● Application Experience
● Adobe Flash Player Update Service
● Device Setup Manager
● Smart Card Device Enumeration Service



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