Windows Server 2019 The "Language" out of SystemSettingsAdminFlows.exe permission error

Today found in Windows Server 2019 in,After the "Language" - into the "Settings" - "time and language.",A pop “SystemSettingsAdminFlows.exe” Error message,Content is “Windows can not access the specified device、Path or file。You may not have the appropriate permissions,The project can not be accessed。” Check the two Windows Server 2019 Have the same message,Windows Server 2016 and 2012 The normal。

Internet crawl text,InThis translation of the articleFind a solution as follows:

Open "Local security policy",Expand the "machine principle" - "Security Options",Found on the right “User Account Control: Use the built-in Administrator account in Admin Approval Mode” project。


The value to be set “activated”,Then reboot,Can solve the problem。


A special place,Compared to Windows Server 2012 and 2016,Here are all preset value “terminated”,And 2019 The "Commentary" Although the default value is written “terminated”,But in fact it is “Not yet defined”。If the 2019 Changed “terminated”,Problems remain,Must be set to “activated” The job,But 2012 and 2016 的 “terminated” But SystemSettingsAdminFlows.exe permission error does not occur,This is a very special phenomenon。


2020/04/16 Update
From "Settings" to enter "Change the interface card options" will also pop up the same error message。



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  1. Allen Says |

    Hi, your status is normal before joining the domain,Did it happen after joining the domain?

    您好,I didn't notice it happened after adding the domain!
    Just tested it,It really is,Add a domain and log in to the domain administrator,Will have this problem。
    If you do n’t add a domain,Or after joining the domain,Login local manager,None will have this problem,Thanks for the information 🙂 。

    Anson Reply |

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