Unifi Network Controller 移機

The original Unifi Network Controller is installed on a Windows 7 Computer,Recently, I feel that the frequency of stopping the Controller is a little too high,I have to restart the program almost every day,Go online and find that there are official instructions to set the program as a service to run,But after the actual test,The service cannot start,Read the instructions carefully,Windows 8 Or Windows 10 Only,So simply find another Windows 10,And move the Unifi Network Controller。


Transfer machine is roughly divided into three major steps,"Backup Profile"、"Restore Profile" and "Modify Unifi AP's inform path":

【Backup profile】

◎ Enter the original Controller's "Settings"-"Backup" page,Select from the drop-down menu of "Download Backup" “Set only”,And click 【DOWNLOAD FILE】 to download。


【Restore Profile】

◎ In the setting screen of the first use of the new Controller,Select below “Or restore setup from backup”,Follow the instructions on the page to upload and restore。


◎ After completion,When you enter the console, you will see many gray-scale APs。


[Modify the inform path of Unifi AP]

◎ Connect to one of the Unifi APs via SSH,And execute the following instructions:

// 可以輸入 help 來查詢其他指令。


◎ Wait about one minute after completion,You can see the newly transferred AP on the new console


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