Macbook + Windows 10 Unable to open web page

Recently the company several Macbook for Windows 10 Environmental abnormal situations have been incidents of open pages,The symptoms are strange,Yahoo home page with Google fan can start,You can also search Google,But Kimo's point of attachment on the go 404 Can not be displayed。There's wireless AP Unifi with DrayTek and other home-AP,This problem only occurs Unifi UAP-AC-Lite,In Unifi UAP-nanoHD and DrayTek is normal,Also one of my colleagues to connect your phone(iphone)Share network will be abnormal。


Tested in many ways,Containing an upgrade to Windows 1903 Also Wufajiejue,Be sure that the NIC driver is up to date,The results later found,Instead, because the latest version of the driver in question,As long as the old version can be reduced to solve。Problematic version follows:
Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter


Click "Reply Driver" to older drivers,Can solve the problem。


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