Search for newline characters in MadEdit-Mod

Prior to write a "In wxMEdit(MadEdit)Search newline」,I happened to meet the same need again today,Now we have actually switched from wxMEdit to MadEdit-Mod,The essence is almost the same,Just use the "regular expressions" mentioned in the article to search \n and replace。The strange thing is that I found it,also replaced,However, the newline symbol still exists in the result,and search again \n Can't find it。

Later in MadEdit-Mod Issue I happened to see the author mention this phenomenon in the discussion thread.,This is because the newline symbol in Windows systems should be \r\n,Apple is \r,And I just replace it \n,All that's left \r,Then MadEdit supports \r,Only then will you still see the result of line breaks,But can't find it anymore \n

But actually, look closely at the newline symbols,The thoughtful MadEdit is actually represented by different patterns. \r\n\r\n These three situations:




So just enter the correct newline symbol depending on the situation,You can handle line breaks。


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