Use Telegram with Chrome in Manjaro

When using Telegram in Manjaro, there has been a problem of being unable to input Chinese through gcin.,I have tried several methods on the Internet,For example, setting the QT_IM_MODUL path,Although you can switch to "Ciyin",But what comes out is still in English,Some people also say that this method only applies to the official version,But I tried and failed,In the end, I had to compare Line,Simulate it as an app through Chrome。

2024/03/16 Update
  今天要用 Telegram 時跳出 Telegram For PC 被封鎖的訊息好像是違反 Chrome 的什麼規定後來又試了兩三個同性質 Extension都是直接連到 Telegram 的 Web 位址因此無法透過下面 Let Telegram For PC run independently 的作法來呼叫 Extension後來我索性試著直接同樣用 App 模式但改成連結到 Telegram 的 Web 位址結果也同樣可行因此新的作法就是略過下面的 Install Telegram For PCConfirm that it can be used然後在 Let Telegram For PC run independently 的連結改成

google-chrome-stable --start-maximized --app=''
# 如果不想最大化視窗,可以拿掉 --start-maximized。

Install Telegram For PC
Open Chrome and go to the "Online App Store" (Chrome Web Store)"search"Telegram For PC” and installation。

Confirm that it can be used
Find "Telegram For PC" in "Extensions" in the upper right corner of Chrome,Click and log in to confirm that it can be used normally。

Let Telegram For PC run independently
"The next step is to imitate the previous one"Let Line on Manjaro (Chrome extension) Operate independently"This,Make a launcher for Telegram For PC。

1. Open the Menu Editor (MenuLibre),Click "+" in the "Internet" item to add。

2. Set the following fields in order
◎ icon:If there is no such thing in the computer,You can download the icon online,Put it in a fixed directory such as:
  ”/usr/share/icons/telegram/” Or
◎ Title:Enter it yourself。
◎ Description:Enter it yourself
◎ Command:Enter the following command。

google-chrome-stable --start-maximized --app='chrome-extension://ndigigcelppbfkojeoejcailklonljah/index.html'
# ndigigcelppbfkojeoejcailklonljah 這串可以在 app 的網址中找到。
# 如果不想最大化視窗,可以拿掉 --start-maximized。

◎Finally click "Save Launcher" on the upper left。

3. Then you can search for Telegram in the menu,And can be executed directly。


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