Manjaro install Madedit-Mod

Prior to write a "In Manjaro installation wxMEdit」,At that time, regardless of whether MadEdit was installed、Neither wxMEdit nor Madedit-Mod can succeed,Later, I found wxMEdit packaged by netizens and successfully installed it.。In the past two years, the company's Windows environment has gradually changed from wxMEdit to use Madedit-Mod (mainly the problem of default font settings),So I want to try and install Madedit-Mod in the Manjaro environment at home.。


At the beginning, Madedit-Mod was not found in the kit library,Later, go to the official website to view,ArchLinux is now available / Manjaro compiled installation file,Immediately download and install the latest 0.4.18 Version,But it appears during installation “Unable to open package file”:


Is about to give up,I want to talk about the previous version 0.4.17,Unexpectedly, the installation was successful,Not sure yet 0.4.18 Why can't you install,Has reported back to the author to know。



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