Manjaro Login become all green screen

The first two weeks to help make Manjaro update,The next morning, after re-boot login,Get a full picture of green,See this picture I followed the green face,Ha。Intuition think should be the day before the update problem,My CPU is “AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics”,According to past experience,Processor or graphics card is AMD / ATI,In Linux is relatively easy encounter compatibility problems,Generally address will not be too easy,Internet search about it,Indeed there are no articles mention the same problem I like green screen,So this time around on the first left unattended,Use the Windows operating。


These days spend time on the Internet searching for the problem,I still did not see anyone with the same problem,But one does have to find also inAbnormal occurrence article Login screen(He's changed all black),Each other good luck,There are just online users hands to help him eliminate the problem,Finally, they are the way to create a new account to solve,So I tried to create a new account,But unfortunately,Still appear green screen。Then I tried to recommend other users of fsck tool to sweep the / home directory,Still does not help。


  至此,Methods networks are invalid,Then return to the direction of their thinking,May be compatibility issues for a particular driver,So they prepared to find out how much as drivers in the terminal,But then thought,Scroll quite frequent updates of Manjaro,If you really have a problem driving,In two weeks time will have released a new revision,After all, this Ryzen sell pretty ram,Not too popular products,So they changed the query update instructions:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Good luck,There are a lot of really new version of the program can be updated,After waiting for the update is complete,Anxious to Ctrl + Old + F7 cut back to look at graphical interface login,The results of the re-emergence of all-green screen when dead,After reluctantly forced to reboot and try again,This finally a successful login,Happy ~。The luck quite good,Determine the right direction,And because they have just released a new driver,I can successfully solve this problem,Thanks for everything -。



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    […] Wrote in September last year, "Manjaro turns into a green screen after login",Later, Yomo happened again a month later.,In the next month or two,Can't solve it by updating the driver。Later I tried some ways,For example, the mhdw command is used to change the originally used linux-video to linux-vesa,Although you can successfully enter the desktop,But the resolution is not the native resolution,Blurred picture quality,Finally had to give up,Switch to Windows for now。 […]

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