Outlook e-mail all become plain text

Today there are colleagues reaction,Outlook e-mail suddenly all become plain text,Also part of the contents garbled situation,Manually modify the coding can not be restored to normal。Online searching for information,Outlook does have a setting that allows users to browse email when,All in the form of plain text to view,以提高安全性,But the colleagues of this setting does not open,Even if the open and then close,Mail is still text-mode。



After viewing their environment,Found that the main reception of the message data file ( pst file) Actually or ten years ago, "Outlook 97-2002" format,And the file size appears to approach the upper limit of 2GB,It was suspected that the file reached the upper limit abnormal occurrence,Cause all messages as plain text only view。After trying to create a new pst file,Send and receive new mail test,Indeed you can view in html format,But the original pst in mail,Seems content has been broken,Can only be re-poured from the mail server。



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