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Probably from a decade ago to start using WSUS,Impression over a few years,Began to have problems require "Reset Server Node" in,On the web related solutions are also many,So I have not put it down on paper solution,Because did not seem to come across solutions can cure,At most, it appears to reduce the frequency of。Discussions on the web,Mostly around the set in IIS, and increased memory,But later I have given to 16G of memory,The frequency of occurrence is still not low。

Recently began a Windows Server 2019,Each time a new version of Windows upgrades are expected to improve this problem,However, 2003 Now,Just a time of disappointing。this time 2019 After loading up,The Client's Update to the new server,WSUS open the next day appeared with a "connection error",Need "Reset Server Node",But how useless Press。As usual, the Internet looking for articles,As usual, also temporarily solve the problem by modifying IIS settings to,In Microsoft can not understand why this can make the problem more than a decade,Decided to organize their own way to solve Articles。If there is a subsequent recurrence,Resolved by modifying other parameters,Will be updated again。

◎ open IIS ,Find the "application pool" - "WsusPool" - "Advanced Options"

※ here will see WsusPool should be "disabled" state,You can enable it,But when turned back WSUS,It is possible to jump wrong and WSUS,Then here also has become "disabled"。So you can modify the settings finished,Then turn it on。


◎ find "recycled" under the project "dedicated memory limit (KB)」,Default is 1843200,I am here directly to "0" does not limit (I did not do this server for other purposes)。


◎ After modification,Then you can enable WsusPool。



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