Automatically execute DHCP "replication fault-tolerant transfer area" through commands

  Colleague set up HA for DHCP Server (Failover) Features,Save the backup action,However, it was discovered afterwards that the IP settings of the "reserved area" were not automatically synchronized to another DHCP Server.,You must manually click "Replication Failover Area" to synchronize。


  Checked it online,To findMicrosoft's teaching articles,This replication action can be achieved through PowerShell commands,,So it can be done through scheduling。The instructions are as follows:

Invoke-DhcpServerv4FailoverReplication -Force


After   , just set the current “Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Server/Operational” Appear separately 106 and 107 Event (Create and delete reserved area IP),Run PowerShell to replicate,This can achieve the effect of automatic replication。



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