Windows 10 Abnormal slow,Close Memory Compression

These days overseas colleagues reaction,Computer slow to an extreme,People are reacting Windows 10 Computer,Hardware specifications are not too bad。View Task Manager,See only memory is used up ninety percent(With 4G),But they do not see what the program eaten a particularly large number of memory。After into the Resource Monitor,Observation hard disk IO case,Did not see the beginning of a clue,But then there is this service noticed Memory Compression,In the past have not seen this program,But from the point of view of his name,Should be a memory optimization services,So for the time being there is no doubt that he。Later on another computer,A similar situation is also observed,This time to search the Internet Memory Compression Services,Many people did not expect the situation found in the reaction of memory is depleted Memory Compression。



Memory Compression is optimized memory usage of services,But in the case of insufficient memory,On the contrary, because of his situation caused by lack of efficiency may occur System,This year the situation with Windows 7 The Superfetch service like,Superfetch original but also to deal effectively with the situation of memory usage,But in part on computer performance poor,If the configuration is only 2G of memory,The case of the memory is used up Superfetch will happen,Instead, causing the system Caton。


To turn off Memory Compression,There are two ways on the web,A closed aforementioned Superfetch,I found this part has no effect,Uncertainty is not because I did not reboot,Also note that,On a different computer,Superfetch there may appear to be sysmain。The second method is based on PowerShell as Administrator,Then execute the following instructions:

Disable-MMAgent -mc
#如果有跳出權限問題,可能是你沒有以管理者身分進入 PowerShell。
#可能是 Superfetch(sysmain) 被關閉了,請先啟用。

After you perform a reboot,The computer can return to normal speed,The Superfetch(sysmain) Services will continue to run the,Looks Memory Compression with Superfetch(sysmain) Both are associated,But it seems that is not the same program。



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