Install network printer appears “Windows cannot connect to the printer...” Error message

  I recently encountered two times when I installed a network printer via a local network,Error message:

Windows cannot connect to the printer。Insufficient memory,Can't complete this operation。Please close some programs and try again。

And based on past experience,When Windows is out of memory,It’s not because of insufficient memory。

   after crawling the web,Not much information,Test several times,Suspected to be caused by the driver。My Server and Client environment are both Windows 2012 R2,The Server has dozens of printer drivers,All problems are barcode labeling machines,There is no problem with dot matrix and business machine。Later, I asked my colleagues to update the label machine driver to the latest official version,That problem solved,So the solution,It is possible to install a new version of the driver,Or simply due to replacement of the driver。



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I used to be able to connect to the printer on the local network.,Until one day you asked me to input”Enter network credentials”Username and password。Sorry。Because of work needs,I used an ASUS computer bought in China,So the simplified translation may be different from the traditional。Is there a way to solve this?