Schannel error message in Windows Server event

We have several servers in the "system event" there will be many Schannel error messages,Click to show “The following serious warnings have been generated: 40。The internal error status is 1205。” Or “Received TLS from remote client application 1.2 Connection requirements,None of the encryption package servers supported by the client application。SSL connection request failed。” Wait for error message。The reason for this message is that this server provides encrypted services,But the user did not make the connection request in an encrypted way,I, for one,The two servers where this message appears are the Mail Server and the electronic sign-off server,Both use SSL certificates。


Because this message appears too frequently,Will affect my judgment of other event records,So I decided to close this notification,Search articles online,according to Mr. Mr. Sha 'S teaching,To close, just modify the machine code。

◎ Run regedit,Locate the following path:


◎ Change EventLogging to “0” To。




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