[Notes] AD ADS and AD FS

【AD ADS (AD Lightweight Directory Services)】

◎ Microsoft's pure LDAP service。
◎ Independent program,Can be installed inside/outside the domain,Can install multiple。
◎ Account information of AD DS can be synchronized through adamsync,But unable to sync password,Unless through other tools,Such as Microsoft's FIM、ME,But need to purchase authorization。
◎ If you plan to use a single account to access the LDAP address book,Can consider it。

Related instructions:

ldifde -i -f ms-adamschemaw2k8.ldf -s localhost:389 -k -j . -c "cn=configuration,dc=X" #configurationNamingContext

adamsync /install localhost:389 C:\LDS\MS-AdamSyncConf.XML /passPrompt

adamsync /sync localhost:389 dc=ldap,dc=local /log C:\LDS\synclog.txt


# log 有出現錯誤的模組,可以在 MS-AdamSyncConf.XML 用 <exclude>extensionName</exclude> 先排除掉。

# <exclude>extensionName</exclude> 跟 <include>extensionName</include> 項目不能同時存在。

# 如果有多組 OU 要匯入,可以用多個 <base-dn>ou=a,dc=abc,dc=com</base-dn> 來匯入。


【AD FS (AD Federation Service)】

◎ Mainly used for SSO (Single Sign-On)。
AD FS is not LDAP
◎ Use SAML (XML-like),To use AD FS in other application services,Need to cooperate with this part。



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