Fix Time-Service warning event – 50

   Previously there was a Server that appeared Time-Service every day 50 Warning message,Follows:

Time service continues 900 Seconds detected greater than 5000 Millisecond time error。The cause of the time error may be synchronization with inaccurate time sources or unstable network conditions。Time service is no longer synchronized and cannot provide time to other clients or update system clock。When the correct time stamp is received from the time service provider,Time service will correct itself。


   Information found on the Internet,Mostly related to AD,But I tried several methods and it didn't solve,Later found This Discussion thread,It contains a detailed description of the possible time problems caused by AD in the VM environment,And related suggestions。This article mentions the host of the VM environment,Just a few minutes in a day (Physical host is a few seconds),Therefore, it is not recommended to install the DC host in a virtual environment。If you have to do this,It is better to deal with the problem of time drift。Later I tested it with instructions,It seems that the Time Sync of my VM is not turned on,Therefore, it will be handled in another way,Use a third-party NTPClock program on the AD host,And set each 15 Time synchronization correction in minutes,This avoids Time-Service 50 Of events reappear。



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