Jan 12

starting from today,A flash info icon will appear when opening a webpage with Flash,Will jump to Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page,There are a lot of reasons why Adobe does not let Flash execute,But it didn’t say if you have to continue using time,How to do。

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Dec 9

  I recently encountered two times when I installed a network printer via a local network,Error message:

Windows cannot connect to the printer。Insufficient memory,Can't complete this operation。Please close some programs and try again。

And based on past experience,When Windows is out of memory,It’s not because of insufficient memory。
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Dec 8

1. Normal Let’s Encrypt generated certificate:
– Self-signed Root Root Certificate of "ISRG Root X1"(Can also be downloaded from the web)。
– 「R3 (Let’s Encrypt)"Signed to "*.abc.com" domain certificate,This certificate contains "DST Root CA X3 (IdenTrust)"Signed to "R3 (Let’s Encrypt)Intermediate certificate。
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Oct 13

   I have colleagues when Outlook receives the letter,Ran for a while after clicking on,Appeared afterwards “This message was not processed,Because the message contains a lot of MIME text” Messages,The source code of the letter follows,As shown below:

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Oct 7

  Recently helping an old NB restore Windows 7 Later,Windows Update keeps getting stuck on KB4534310、KB4539601 install these two KBs,No matter which one is installed, the 8024200D error will appear,Crawling test for two days,Finally resolved。

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Sep 24
TZ350 Mips64 Octeon 1200MHz *2 1 0.064
TZ500 Mips64 Octeon 1000MHz *4 1 0.064
NSA 4600 Mips64 Octeon 1100MHz *8 2 1
TZ 215 Mips64 Octeon 500MHz *2 0.512 0.032
TZ210 Mips64 Octeon 499MHz 0.256 0.032
NSA 2400 Mips64 Octeon 500MHz *2 0.512 0.512
NSA 240 Mips64 Octeon 500MHz *2 0.256 0.032
Sep 9

◎ Outlook 2003、2007:

– C:\Users帳號AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook
– Delete .nk2 file。
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Sep 9

   BookStack officially provided Update method It's done by one line of Git,But because I only know a little about Git,Therefore, the more troublesome manual update method is still used,The following is a step note。

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Aug 10

【AD ADS (AD Lightweight Directory Services)】

◎ Microsoft's pure LDAP service。
◎ Independent program,Can be installed inside/outside the domain,Can install multiple。
◎ Account information of AD DS can be synchronized through adamsync,But unable to sync password,Unless through other tools,Such as Microsoft's FIM、ME,But need to purchase authorization。
◎ If you plan to use a single account to access the LDAP address book,Can consider it。
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Jul 30

◎ Server OS: Windows Server 2019
◎ OpenVPN: OpenVPN 2.4.9 (Community)
◎ AD verification component: Auth4OpenVPNv2.0
OS Client OS: Windows 10
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