Install vCenter Server Appliance 7.0

vCSA version:7.0 U2 17694817


◎ Unzip the ISO file,Enforcement “vcsa-ui-installerwin32installer.exe”,Language can be switched in the upper right corner。
◎ Click "Install"。


◎ The installation process is divided into two stages。


◎ Enter the ESXi host information to be stored by vCSA。


◎ Enter vCSA information。


◎ Choose suitable resource options according to the suggestions。


◎ Select the datastore to store vCSA,And check the compact mode to save hard disk space。


◎ Network settings of vCSA。


◎ Confirm that the information is correct。


◎ Start the first stage of the upgrade process-build a new vCSA。


◎ After completion,Proceed to the second stage-setting up vCSA。


◎ Configure vCenter configuration。


◎ Set SSO configuration。


◎ Complete the final confirmation。


◎After the end, the vCSA installation will be completed。



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