Remote Desktop is closed off、Reboot function

Microsoft's rights in the design,is having a”Remote Desktop Users”Permission to use the Remote Desktop users,But this practice often makes some of the permissions on the application can not be completely normal operation,So that the need to open”Administrator”Permission to give the Remote Desktop users,When using Remote Desktop and User,Sometimes forget themselves in control of a remote computer,When you want to commute,Might press a remote shutdown or reboot button,Our servers offline。

To prevent this from happening,Can go to the group policy(gpedit.msc),The shutdown、Reboot button to disable direct,If managers need to reboot,Can be carried through the shutdown instruction。

"Gpedit.msc" - "User Settings" - "Administrative Templates" - "Start Menu and Taskbar",
Find the right”Remove and prohibit access[Shutdown]、[Restart]、[Sleeping]and[Dormancy]command”,
It is set”activated”To。



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