Deliberate Practice of the Mind in "Reading"

Author:Amy Bloch
Press:Gao Bao
Publishing Day:2020/03/24
Individual competitions:★★★★
Ebook link:Readmoo

   The first half is a bit too much emphasis on the opposition between the brain and the heart,So you will see a little rejection,More examples of daughters’ behavior and words began to appear in the middle,It also gradually makes me feel more interesting。

   Excluding dualistic views,There are a lot of pretty good ideas in the book that will make me brainstorm,Therefore, I have made a lot of notes in this book than before。



We want more、never satisfied,But satisfaction does not exist at all。

This world is not just me and her family,There are many people who are always ready to extend their hands to Emily and give full support

Even though I found out very early on that I love her so much,But I don't love myself enough,It means making yourself understand,I'm Emily's good mother。

Sometimes I feel that love for Emily is full of pain,I've been unaware,The pain stems from the lack of trust in my love;

Love wholeheartedly,The rest is handed over to fate。

She meets each other's eyes,Give a smile。If the other party smiles,And keep eye contact with her,Emily will start talking to each other。Even if the other party doesn't respond,She won't be bothered by it。

The brain loves to compare,And comparison is the cornerstone of envy and jealousy。

Emily feels frustrated and embarrassed,Because she couldn't get ready to go to school,The goal of being with friends,But she didn’t judge her feelings right or wrong.、Good or bad,I didn’t blame myself for not being able to buckle the buttons or simply giving up.,Make things worse。

Pay attention to thoughts related to the past。

Conscious of their tinyness and the past。

Gently shift your attention to the present,And an understanding of your inner abilities and strengths。

Pay attention to ideas related to the future。

Aware of their unknowability。

There will always be sad emotions──that is, there will be

We don’t need to resolve uncertainty to make ourselves feel better,We just have to understand it as the unknown-this is all。

Emily, who lives from the heart, behaves much better。She calmly (calm here is an operational description,This word does not exist in my working vocabulary temporarily) Lying on the floor,Lean against the dog and ask him:"Do you need my help?" At the same time stretched out his hand and patted it to soothe it。

Actually,The more I pursue "improvement",The more upset。


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