vSphere Web Client cannot upload files

   When uploading files in the vSphere Web Client,There will be a message that you need to install the "Client Integration Plug-in" first,But I logged into vSphere Web Client again after installation,When clicking the upload file icon,The message asking me to install the "Client Integration Plug-in" still appears。


   When this problem happened before,Tried a few times to no avail,Simply give up and upload via vSphere Client,But I didn’t expect this problem to cause me to put vCenter Server Appliance 從 5.5 Upgrade to 6.0 Time,0xc0000018 error occurred in fileTransfer.exe,So I had to fix this problem。


   When the "Client Integration Plug-in" has not been installed,The cursor moves to the icon of the uploaded file,Concert appearance “Install client integration plug-in to enable file transfer。If already installed,Please refresh your browser and allow access。”


  After installation,When entering the vSphere Web Client again,A message related to the link and vmware-plugin setting will pop up,And after I finished the setup,There will still be a message asking me to install the plug-in in the picture above。


   Then I found netizens on the VMware forum Description of xtRaVx,Actually because ESXi Server does not set FQDN relationship,It seems that when the local computer is transferring files,It is necessary to find the ESXi Host through the FQDN address,When upgrading vCSA is included,The .rpm file of the machine is also transferred to the vCSA VM to be deployed through the FQDN address,So when the FQDN address is incorrect,Will cause an error。


The FQDN of ESXi is set as follows (It is recommended that each):
◎ Click ESXi Server,Go to "Configuration"-"DNS and Routing"-"Edit" in order。


◎ Fill in the domain for the ESXi host,And remember to set the relevant resolution in your DNS server,Confirm that ESXi.abc.com.tw can ping your ESXi host。


◎ After completing the relevant settings,Enter vSphere Web Client again ,When the cursor moves to the upload file icon,Will appear"Upload the file to the data store"'S message。After confirming that this integrated plug-in is working properly,If you want to upgrade vCSA, you can also upgrade。



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