vCenter database can not start

A while back when even the vSphere Web Client,Notice that a warning message,Which contains the "Ldap backup task monitor."、"VCenter Database" warning,After contact the manufacturer,Try to restart vCenter,I did not expect it no longer even into vCenter through the vSphere Web Client or the VMware vSphere Client。



View vCenter boot process can be noted that several service failed to start,Which includes database and vpxd of initialize,vpxd the initialize is to wait for ten minutes and failed to appear。


After the machine was finished,In addition to vSphere Web Client and VMware vSphere Client could not connect,VMware vCenter Server Appliance (https://ip:5480) There will not sign in(verification failed)Case。In addition, if connect through SSH,You'll want to change your password,However, you have entered a new password can not be written message appeared。


After the vendor under the guidance,Confirm that the magnetic regions are clogging log,Resulting database can not start,To address below process。
◎ From the Console log in as root,If the login fails,reference This Reset root password,Emphasis on the following:

#在 VMware vCenter Server Appliance 按下 e,進入編輯模式。
#選擇第二項「kernel /vmlinuz-......」再按下 e,進入編輯模式。
#在「...usb audit=1」後面加上" init=/bin/bash",按下Enter。
#選擇第二項「kernel /vmlinuz-......」再按下 b,以此項目開機。
#輸入 passwd 以修改 root 密碼,完成後輸入 reboot 重開。

◎ input df -h,Check the usage of each magnetic region。I, for one “/” full。


◎ enter the following command,Check the audit occupancy situation。My normal,If overdose,Refer to This deal with。

cd /var/log/audit
ls -lh

◎ enter the following command,Check the log occupation situation。You can see ./ldapmessage-20191205 occupy 5.8G。

cd /var/log
du -xah | sort -h | tail -n 50

◎ Reference This Deleting files,And notes / etc / hosts set of IP6,Avoid recurrence。

rm ./ldapmessage-20191205
vi /etc/hosts
----------------------- <FQDN> <Hostname>
#::1 <hostname> localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback

After completion ◎,reboot to restore the vCenter operations。



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