Upgrade ESXi through vCenter Update Manager 6.0 To 6.5

vCenter version:6.5 U3f 15259038
ESXi pre-upgrade version:6.0 U2
ESXi upgraded version:6.5 U2


   Before upgrading the ESXi host,Are all installed as bootable flash drives,This method is intuitive,No difficulty,So only when something went wrong,Wrote an article "When upgrading ESXi,The difference between Upgrade and Install」。Originally intended to be on the ESXi host 6.0 Rise to 6.5 Time,Also brewed in the same way,But because when looking for information,I found what I encountered during the previous upgrade “Mellanox_bootbonk_net” problem,It can be discovered in advance in the Update Manager of vCSA,So I feel it is necessary to make good use of this new update tool,This time I will use Update Manager to upgrade。


◎ Enter the "ESXi Image" page of vCSA Update Manager,Click [Import],Upload a new ESXi ISO file。


◎ Switch to the "benchmark" page,Add a "benchmark"。

# The concept of "benchmarks" is a bit special,I didn’t quite understand the English interface at first “baseline” What is the role of,Wait until I see the "benchmark" in Chinese, so I still don't know。It’s a bit like the concept of "defining a standard" after implementing it.,And then through this “standard (New version of ESXi)” Go check “Target object (ESXi host)” Does it meet the standards,If it doesn't meet,Can proceed “Fix (Update)”。


◎ Give this "benchmark" a name。


◎ Select the ISO file just uploaded。


◎ Confirm information。


◎ Click on the ESXi host you want to upgrade,And click "Update"-"Host Update"-"Link" in order。


◎ Select the "benchmark" you just created to link。


◎ Then you can "repair",Which is "upgrade"。


◎ Before the upgrade,The system will check first,And list the problems found。


◎ It is recommended to review all the listed issues,Then judge whether it needs to be corrected。

# I, for one,My authorization does not include DRS,So the first question can be ignored。And the problem of HA admission control,During the update process, it will be automatically closed temporarily,So it can be ignored。


◎ Finally, you can start the "repair (upgrade)」。


  It takes about 15-20 minutes to upgrade,During this period, the host will restart twice,In principle, there is no need to wait in front of the host,It's really convenient。Other,How to update ESXi through Update Manager this time,In addition to the pre-upgrade testing benefits mentioned earlier,Because my old IBM server cannot modify the boot sequence,Can only boot from CD,Therefore, through Update Manager, I can avoid the waste of burning discs.。



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