Correction in PHP WordPress Thread Comment 7 mistake

Recent versions of WordPress start will remind PHP security issues in the background,They found a time PHP from the 5.6 Rise 7.4。Observation for a few days,A friend functionality strange reaction mail,Test it,The result is not supported by PHP WordPress Thread Comment 7。


WordPress Thread Comment is a reply to let managers to embed presented plug,Although this new version of WordPress has built-in functionality,But probably because I was old themes of relationship,Can not be presented,Through plug-in is required to deal with。I had originally intended to find a replacement plug,But not stop development,I just do not want to conform to the presentation,Finally, good luck to find aarticle,Just as long as the manual correction mentioned several programs WordPress Thread Comment,To make it compatible with PHP 7。


◎ Open "plug-in editor.",Select "WordPress Thread Comment" in”wp-thread-comment.php”


◎ Search”mysql_escape_string”,Changes to”addslashes”Replace。(Because mysql_ * the function in PHP 7 It has been removed)


◎ click "Update Profile"



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