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The original host business for over ten years,Customer service recently began in the case of missing,And now unlike before or no income students,So find a good quality web host among,Ready to move。Just yesterday helped His wife applied for a new URL,It is simply the first to move his blog,Relocation process is not a one-stop,So write this article,Record details。


WordPress is probably the main action is the relocation of three:

  1. Move files
  2. Move database
  3. Modify settings

The above sequence of steps is not necessarily three,This time I choose to modify settings,So first edit the URL in the background of the old WordPress:
1. To "WordPress backstage '-' Settings'" - "General",The "WordPress address (URL)" with the "Web site address (URL)" to the new address,Click "Save Changes."。


2. To cPanel's "backup" - "download MySQL database backup",Download Library file。


3. CPanel to the "File Manager",Click the destination folder,Then click on the top of the "compression",After generating a compressed file,Download the zip file。


Then put the downloaded files uploaded to the new host,So next steps are for the new host operating:


1. CPanel to the "File Manager",Click the destination folder,Zip file upload site。Finished,Select the zip file and click on the top of the "decompression"。

 1. If the solution out how a directory,Visual demand move location。
 2. Through compressed file download / upload mode,Than the direct use FTP download / upload site of the original file a lot faster。


2. To cPanel's "backup" - "Restore MySQL database backup",Click "Browse" - "Upload" just the library archive。


3. To cPanel's "MySQL® Database" - "MySQL Users" - "add new user",Add a database user。


4. To cPanel's "MySQL® Database" - "add users to the database.",The user just created,Add to Library just uploaded。


5. Wp-config.php file through FTP root directory of the WordPress editor,Modify the value of the parameter:


After completion of the above actions,You can even try to see if you can enter a new URL open。I, for one,After the open with a new URL,Home can be displayed properly,You can also sign in the background,But Browse articles will appear 404 Can not be displayed,Internet climb the text did not see instructions,I judge what might have old links remember the theme。Then think of the background in WordPress articles have a place to set the address representation,I thought there should be rewritten path for each topic,Thereby fix the problem:


1. To "WordPress backend" - "Settings" "-" Fixed Address ",Here we can maintain the original setting,Click on the bottom of the "Save Changes",Article to fix the problem can not be displayed。


His wife please view there is no problem after,"Demographic" he reacted gone home,But then he restarted "Jetpack" plug after normal。Also when I view MySQL,Have noticed that "posts" under the table there is a”guid”Field,Value is inside the old address,上網查詢後,Most articles have mentioned the need to change,But did not explain what effect is this part,There are only mentioned in an article in China,This value is the address of record when the initial setup article,This looks does not seem necessarily need to be changed,Coupled with no impact,So this part I did not change temporarily,What are the differences in order to observe will。


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