Modify Windows 10 The start button does not respond

   Early Windows can be upgraded for free 10 Time,Many computers will encounter some strange problems after upgrading,It includes the Windows menu button in the lower left corner,But this problem is in native Windows 10 Is rarely encountered on your computer。later It is said that A few KBs were released last year and this problem has been reproduced,But our company did not encounter。Recently on a new batch of computers,This problem occurs again。


  I encountered this problem before,Usually use PowerShell to execute the following instructions to solve。

Get-AppxPackage | % { Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppxManifest.xml" -verbose }


   But this time it seems useless,After executing the above instruction,The computer needs to be restarted to display the Start menu,But if the above instruction is not executed,Direct reboot will also return to normal,So it is impossible to judge the effect of the above command。Later I tried several methods on the Internet,I found a new solution this time,Observed for two weeks now,Did not happen again,Methods as below:


◎ Run regedit,Locate the following path。



◎ Add a new DWORD named EnableXamlStartMenu,The value remains the default 0。


◎ Run "Work Manager",Restart [Windows Explorer (explorer.exe)】,You can restore the start key function。


   The reason why I can't open this time is somewhat related to the dynamic brick,So I originally wanted to find a way to close the dynamic brick content,But did not find。Later found the setting of this solution,In fact, it is to adjust the display mode of the dynamic brick to a smaller brick,To avoid problems。



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