Edge (Chromium) Abnormal viewing of PDF content online

Edge 79 Start of edition,The core is changed to Chromium,So the browsing experience has improved a lot,But my colleagues reacted,When opening a PDF document online,Part of the content will be blank,I'm not sure this PDF was developed by Edge itself,Still use Chromium,Finally, try two methods to let User choose。


【method one:Skip online view,Change to direct download]

◎ Go to "Settings"-"Web Site Permissions"-"PDF Documents",Enable “Always open external PDF files”


◎ After completion,After clicking the PDF link, it will change to download format。


【Method Two:Replace the components of online PDF viewing】

I found some articles online,There seems to be no way for Edge to use Adobe Reader as the plug-in for online viewing,Therefore, some netizens suggest,You can install HTML5 extensions provided by Mozilla to view PDF online,This component has been used for a while in Firefox,Although occasionally a little showy,But the stability is much higher。

◎ Enter the "Extended Features" of Edge,And click "Chrome Online App Store"。


◎ Click "Allow expansion functions from other storage areas" above。


◎ Press "Allow" again。


◎ Search “PDF Viewer” (Or click here Consolidated),Find the version provided by Rob W,Click "Add to Chrome"。


◎ Click "New Extension Function",After installation,In the future, this component will be used to view PDF files。



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