Chipset driver on the gaming performance

Last week to participate in theGE (Granado Espada)的 封闭 测试 活动,As the official beginning only open two sets of servers,The birthplace of the game characters are all in the same town,Causing the whole game big LAG。A few days later to,The delay situation before gradually ease,But my role during move,Delay or very serious,體的 來說 較具,In fact 'pause'。Yesterday, with friends (code-named S-sir) practice with the team,Does not seem to me such a pause to look at the situation he moved,Therefore, to confirm his,We 頗令 surprising result,His occasional pause,But just give us pause ten seconds or so,I,As little as ten seconds,To more than one minute,And the focus of my hardware performance is better than his,We recall last year 玩 這讓玛奇 (Mabinogi)A similar situation when Yayu,Thought adding additional memory can be solved,Now come Nursing,I was wrong。

At odd 玩瑪 當年,With S-sir two next to Town (copy) with the solution of tasks,New approach needed only one Matoba Kei 當時,Screen on the entire pause,Seemed to read the page,However, S-sir, but this is not the case。S-sir was hardware level with me for quite some gap,Memory alone on 50% more than I,I think this is probably the sake of the game physical,Need to have plenty of memory to feed it。Although I have added after purchased memory,But never been to Town,After a period of time did not play Mabinogi the,Therefore did not have to test to improve the situation,And after playing several games they do not encounter this situation again,Until the emergence of GE。

Although the S-sir better now than in the past hardware,But still slower than me,So I think it should be caused by other factors。First thought, of course, video card driver,But my impression is not currently used version is too old,This possibility seems to be slightly lower,Again comes to mind is the chipset driver,The S-sir asked him Driver version update situation,S-sir, said he had just refilled it,The new version of Duman,It makes me feel factor improved chipset Driver,Because I was using Windows built-in Driver,Immediately turn off the game after confirmation and searching online driver。Abit (abit, Now Abit) provided by VIA's official website 4 in 1 version 4.56,To my knowledge,This is quite a long time the previous version of the,So go directly to the VIA (VIA) official website to find,The latest version of 5.12A VIA official,After confirmation for my chipset,That is to download and install,But also to download the latest nVIDIA graphics card Driver。After two driver installed,Entered the game for testing,Sure enough, the situation greatly improved results standstill,Although the problem is not completely eradicated,But at least the waiting time is reduced by half,It makes me have to start pay attention to the problem of the motherboard chipset driver。

When using Windows 98 early,In this so-called "faint 98" era,I installed the driver that is a no less,It was not until I bought an upgraded version of 98 Second Edition,Circumstances have changed。After the upgrade to Second Edition,Just install the chipset drivers,After reboot,By the time the boot into the desktop music player,Required when! Music is like jumping needle stuck in the same "Deng Dengdeng…∞」,Tried and tested,After installing Chipset Driver had not solved this big trouble,Until Windows XP era,It resumed the habit of installing Chipset Driver。In the period of use of Windows XP,When a particular bagging system,I noticed a phenomenon,Once I installed the Chipset Driver,Waiting time at boot Windows flag screen,When Chipset Driver will not install even more than twice as,Experience has several such cases reperfusion,Finally, it is no longer simply install the Chipset Driver。After all, although the use of Driver Windows offer,The idea is to find any abnormalities,Therefore, it again developed a habit of not filling Chipset Driver。

Medium of communication hardware and operating system mainly by firmware and drivers,Firmware is an offense in the hardware side of the control program,Usually not easily change;By comparison,Driver higher utilization,Various systems can be fine-tuning and optimization work,Its importance can be seen here。Hardware review site,Driver testers often mentioned the importance for Effectiveness,On this experience will have a good validation,Although not necessarily want to have to make your own remain in the latest version of Driver,But the basic concept is absolute to have the update。

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