Windows can not boot – Damaged boot configuration

A few days ago to help colleagues in a Windows Server 2008 R2 do Windows Update,Bahrain will no longer be able to reboot into Windows。Open access to repair mode,But there will not be repaired finish,And a”Damaged boot configuration”Messages。It took several hours study,Finally managed to repair,The following is the repair record:



◎ using WinPE boot。
※ can not rescue mode,For unknown reasons,In rescue mode,The system can not mount the original C groove。


◎ the original C code disk slot hang,Here assumed to be D。


◎ execute the following command,To regenerate the original power profile groove C。

bcdboot D:\Windows /s D:

※ for unknown reasons,If the file re-generate the boot sector of 100MB,Still can not boot。


◎ execute the following command,The boot sector of a magnetic domain into magnetic domain 100MB original slot C。

list disk
select disk 0
list part
select part 2

※ The above magnetic hard disk with area code,Please make adjustments according to your list to see the actual situation。


◎ reboot,OK。



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