Windows 10 NAS file open,Appearance”Directory name is invalid”mistake

Encountered a problem in the morning,Last night after Synology NAS complete set of permissions,When the encounter was the reaction today to open files on the NAS,Appearance”Directory name is invalid”mistake,After confirming NAS permission no problem,Find information on the Internet,Have found a netizen encountered the same situation,And appears to be Windows 10 update to occur before 1709,View hand computer,Indeed, 1709。

The article discussed the seemingly never find out why,But when someone replies to mention SMB,Went to the "on / off Windows features" to see if there is relevant settings。After repeated the test several times,Identify the key "SMB / CIFS 1.0 client" setting,As long as this option is ticked,To solve the problem after reboot。

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