Outlook 2016 Send meeting invitations garbled

A while back, when my colleagues reacted Outlook to send meeting invitations,Most recipients received less within the text will be garbled,After cross-test,Outlook distortion occurs only in the recipient is 2010、Sending party for Outlook 2016 Case,If the sender to the recipient or to 2013,There will be no problem。


This issue is related to the conversion iCalendar format,If you encounter this situation,Just to Outlook 2016 The "File" - "Options" - "Calendar",The right to find the "Calendar Options" in “Using the iCalendar format meeting requests transmitted outside your organization”,Uncheck。


Other,If the computer has been set off DisableTNEF machine code(Please refer to:Outlook outgoing mail,The other received a garbled | Old Sen Chang Tan),Also need to remove this machine code,With uncheck iCalendar,Invitation to solve garbage problem。



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