Outlook 2013 Send and receive large attachments problem

In Outlook 2010 After,Start for attachment size limitations have to do some,In the general case,If the e-mail editor,Pulled into a larger attachments,There will be size "you want to attach files larger than allowed by the server。The file is placed Try common position,Then change the transmission link。"If you want to avoid this situation,To add value to address the new machine code。Today we are experiencing another condition,When the mail large attachments received from certain people,Outlook directly deprived of their attachment file without any prompt message,Annex So go away。Ask my colleagues to do a number of cross-test after,Finally, just have to be found to correct the problem with this e-mail attached file will not see through the front of the machine code。


◎ execute regedit,Locate the following path:


Right ◎ add a DWORD(32Bit) value。


◎ name to”MaximumAttachmentSize”,Value input”40720″(Decimal),It is about 40MB。


◎ reopen Outlook,Outlook transceiver can solve the problem on large files。



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